Chapter 13. Setting You Straight on Settings

In This Chapter

  • Taking off in airplane mode

  • Preparing networks

  • Seeking sensible sounds and screen brightness

  • Uncovering usage statistics

  • Brushing up on Bluetooth

  • Tinkering with telephone options

  • Finding a lost iPhone

Are you a control freak? The type of person who must have it your way? Boy, have you landed in the right chapter.

Throughout this book, you have occasion to drop in on Settings, which is kind of the makeover factory for the iPhone. For example, we show you how to open Settings (by tapping its Home screen icon) to set ringtones, change the phone's background or wallpaper, and specify Google, Yahoo!, or Bing as the search engine of choice. We also show you how to alter security settings in Safari, tailor e-mail to your liking, and get a handle on how to fetch or push new data.

Setting You Straight on Settings


The Settings area on the iPhone is roughly analogous to the Control Panel in Windows and System Preferences on a Mac.

Because we cover some settings elsewhere, we don't dwell on every setting here. But you can still discover plenty to help you make the iPhone your own.

Sky-High Settings

When you first open Settings, you see the scrollable list shown in Figure 13-1. In all but airplane mode (at the top of the list), a greater-than symbol (>) appears to the right of each listing. This symbol tells you that the listing has a bunch of options. Throughout this chapter, ...

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