Chapter 9

“Smile”: Taking Pictures with Your iPhone


check Taking pictures

check Importing your pictures

check Viewing and admiring pictures

It’s no longer news that camera phones outsell dedicated digital cameras. What is news to some is the number of camera features built into smartphones, compared to when cameras in phones were for the most part an afterthought.

The camera in the iPhone has always been among the very best, and the cameras in all the iPhone 7 and 8 models are the best cameras to date from Apple, and among the best camera phones, period. The cameras inside the upcoming (as of this writing) iPhone X also look to advance the state of the art. But the picture takers inside the models that came before these models aren’t slouches either.

Such models are fast, easy to use, and sport some neat features, most notably the capability to apply a variety of filters and to shoot a burst of photos in the blink of an eye.

We get to all these features over the next several pages. We then move on to the real magic — finding the digital photos that are on your iPhone and making them come alive — whether you imported them from your computer, they reside in the cloud, or you captured ...

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