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iPhone for Seniors QuickSteps

Book Description

Step-by-step, full-color graphics show how to use the latest iPhone models! Written by seniors for seniors, this full-color guide features screenshots throughout with clear instructions that make it easy to start using the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8. The book can be used with earlier devices, too. Follow along and learn how to make calls, manage your contacts and calendar, send email, browse the web, take photos and video, listen to music, play games, and much more. You’ll also get tips on using helpful apps such as Apple Pay and the Health App. Get up and running on your iPhone right away—the QuickSteps way! Use these handy guideposts: QuickSteps for accomplishing common tasks Need-to-know facts in concise narrative Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things Bonus information related to the topic being covered Errors and pitfalls to avoid

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted with Your iPhone
    1. Explore Your iPhone
      1. Look at the Physical Features of the iPhone
      2. Reviewing What You Need
    2. Plug In and Start the iPhone
      1. Plug In and Charge Your iPhone
      2. Turn On and Set Up Your iPhone
      3. Using the Onscreen Keyboard
      4. Attach Your iPhone to a Computer
      5. Turn Your iPhone On or Off and Put It to Sleep or Wake It
      6. Get Accessories for Your iPhone
  10. Chapter 2 Using Your iPhone
    1. Explore the iPhone Screen
      1. Let Your Fingers Do the Work
      2. Review the Initial Home Screen Apps
      3. Understand the Status Bar
      4. Navigate Within and Among Apps
      5. Searching with Spotlight
    2. Enter Information into Your iPhone
      1. Expand Your Use of the Onscreen Keyboard
      2. Set Up Siri and Use Dictation
    3. Use the Phone
      1. Make Calls
      2. Receive Calls
    4. Work with Contacts
      1. Add New Contacts
      2. Use Contacts
      3. Review Contacts Settings
  11. Chapter 3 Exploring the Internet
    1. Connect to the Internet
      1. Establish an iPhone Wi-Fi Connection
    2. Use the World Wide Web
      1. Get Familiar with Safari
      2. Browse the Internet
      3. Search the Internet
      4. Save a Bookmark
      5. Organize Bookmarks
    3. Use Internet Information
      1. Work with a Web Page
      2. Read Web Pages
      3. Play Internet Audio and Video Files
      4. Control Internet Security
    4. Gather Information and Shop on the Internet
      1. Search for Information
      2. Shop on the Internet
      3. Use Siri to Browse the Internet
  12. Chapter 4 Using Email and Messages
    1. Use Mail
      1. Set Up Mail
      2. Change Mail Settings
      3. Send, Receive, and Respond to Email
      4. Apply Formatting
      5. Handle Attachments
      6. Manage Email
      7. Delete, Move, and Mark Several Messages at Once
    2. Use Messages
      1. Start and Use Messages
      2. Review Messages Settings
  13. Chapter 5 Managing Time and Events
    1. Set Up and Use Calendar
      1. Get Familiar with Calendar
      2. Use Calendar
      3. Work with Multiple Calendars
      4. Handle Invitations
      5. Share a Calendar
    2. Work with Reminders
      1. Set Up Reminders
    3. Get Time and Event Information
      1. Use the Clock and Alarms
      2. Handle Notifications and Alerts
      3. Set Up and Use Notifications
      4. Using Do Not Disturb
      5. Use the Control Center
      6. Use AirDrop
  14. Chapter 6 Taking Photos and Videos
    1. Use the iPhone as a Camera
      1. Take Photos
      2. Use Photo Options
      3. Moving iPhone Photos to Your Computer
    2. Work with Photos
      1. Use the Photos App
      2. Using Photo Stream
    3. Work with Videos
      1. Download Videos
      2. Make Videos
      3. Edit and Share Videos
    4. Use FaceTime
  15. Chapter 7 Listening to and Reading on the iPhone
    1. Listen to Music
      1. Get Music from iTunes
      2. Transfer Music from a Computer
      3. Create Playlists
      4. Listen to Music
      5. Listen to iTunes Radio
    2. Read on the iPhone
      1. Read Using Safari
      2. Read Using the Newsstand
      3. Read Using iBooks
      4. Use Maps
      5. Explore Maps
      6. Get Directions
  16. Chapter 8 Exploring Apple Pay and Other Apps
    1. Pay with Passbook
      1. Set Up Passbook and Apple Pay
      2. Use Apple Pay
      3. Use Passbook
    2. Track Your Health
      1. Set Up the Health App
      2. Use the Health App
    3. Take Notes
      1. Use Notes
      2. Set Up Notes
  17. Chapter 9 Socializing and Playing Games
    1. Follow Twitter
      1. Enable and Explore Twitter
      2. Post Tweets and Build a Following
    2. Explore Facebook
      1. Start Using Facebook
      2. Manage Your Facebook Account
      3. Protecting Your Online Identity
    3. Play Games
      1. Download and Play Games
      2. Explore the Game Center
  18. Index