Chapter 3

Getting Going

Get ready to …

arrow Charge the Battery

arrow Sign into an iTunes Account for Music, Movies, and More

arrow Sync Wirelessly

arrow Understand iCloud

arrow Turn on iCloud Drive

arrow Make iCloud Sync Settings

Your first step in getting to work with the iPhone is to make sure that its battery is charged. Next, if you want to find free or paid content for your iPhone from Apple, from movies to music to e-books to audiobooks, you’ll need to have an iTunes account.

You can also use the wireless sync feature to exchange content between your computer and iPhone over a wireless network.

You can also take advantage of the iCloud service from Apple to store and push all kinds of content and data to all your Apple devices — wirelessly. You can pick up where you left off from one device to another through iCloud Drive, an online storage service that enables sharing content among devices so that edits that ...

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