Chapter 6

Using Handy Utilities

Get ready to …

arrow Use the Calculator

arrow Find Your Way with Compass

arrow Record Voice Memos

arrow Trim a Voice Memo

arrow Rename a Voice Memo

arrow Share a Voice Memo

Utilities are simple apps that can be very useful indeed to help with common tasks such as calculating your meal tip or finding your way on a hike in the woods.

In this chapter, I help you explore two apps: Compass to help you find your way, and Voice Memos so that you can record your best ideas for posterity. I also help you out with using the Calculator app to keep your numbers in line.

Use the Calculator

  1. This one won’t be rocket science. The Calculator app works like just about every calculator app you’ve ever used. Go to the second Home screen and tap Calculator to display the app (see Figure 6-1).
  2. Tap a few numbers (see Figure 6-2) and then use any of these functions and additional numbers to perform calculations: ...

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