Chapter 22. Clippings, Notes, and Lists

The Skim

Why Not Notepad? How about Notes?

Clippings, Notes, and Lists

"I write doo-dads, because it's a doo-dad sort of town." us wrote Dorothy Parker ... brilliant columnist, poet, and wit.

I suppose just for the sake of balance and accuracy I should also include an additional Parker quote:

"BATS! Giant, hairy bats! Circling my typewriter and pelting me with copper spoons filled with jam! AIEEEE!!!"

She was a treasure of American literature but she did drink quite a lot, you know.

Nonetheless, she had a solid point there about doo-dads. If anything, the communal town in which we all live is even doo-daddier than it's been since the days of the Great War. Your life is filled with little bits of information that defies any sort of ready organization or catchall filing system. Still, you need 'em. What's the address of that luncheonette on Lexington Avenue you wanted to visit on your way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? What are the museum's hours? What bus do you need to take to get from the museum to your friend's place in SoHo afterward?

One afternoon in New York City, three absolutely essential doodads. And this was just for a fun afternoon. When there's business and meetings and money involved, you can accumulate dozens of these things over the course of a week.


Now then. If you've spent any amount of time playing with your iPhone, the phrase ...

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