Chapter 9. Grasping Advanced Programming Topics

In This Chapter

Exploring the camera

Getting oriented with the compass

Turning up the audio

Looking into video

Discovering geolocation

Stepping into the third dimension

In this chapter we cover some of the advanced topics you have not been exposed to in the preceding chapters. The discussion in some sections may not always feel directly relevant to game development. However, you will find that almost any technology can be incorporated into your applications if you are creative. Sometimes these creative combinations can offer an exciting experience that is new and attractive to potential buyers.

Each section in this chapter is focused on different and unrelated advanced topics. At times we reference examples from that cover the topic. Some sections use examples from the iPhone Reference Library—Sample Code, at (login required). Finally, in some instances you will find the specific code you need listed in the section.

Exploring the Camera

The camera is a technology that does not generally come to mind when one thinks of gaming. But ten years ago you may have asked how a guitar can be used in gaming. Today's Guitar Hero and Rock Band are really cashing in on guitar games. You could consider using the camera to snap photos of items in a scavenger hunt; there's one idea. We will leave the creative planning up to you and give you a short tour on how you can integrate ...

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