Chapter 2. Taking Photos with an iPhone

In This Chapter

  • Learning how to hold the iPhone to shoot photos

  • Taking your first photo

  • Understanding the iPhone's autofocus feature

  • Creating a slideshow of your photos

  • Sharing your photos with friends and family

After you get a feel for the iPhone camera, it's time for some practice. What might seem new to you now becomes second nature very quickly. In this chapter, you take your first photograph with your iPhone and you complete a simple project using the Camera app extensively.

Taking Photos with an iPhone

There's no better way to reinforce what you read in this book than jumping in and putting that knowledge to use. I give you the benefit of my experience as a photographer and show you how to make picture-taking on the iPhone an exciting and rewarding experience. I guide you through the steps for sharing your photos, and pass along some tips to help make your photos look the best they can.

Taking Your First Photo

Someone more famous than I once said the best place to begin is at the beginning. Let's do that by learning how to hold the iPhone. I don't mean how to hold it while making a phone call — you know how to do that. I'm talking about the best way to hold your iPhone when taking photographs.

The iPhone's size makes the iPhone a breeze to carry; it also makes it difficult to hold securely and steadily. I don't know about you, but I have fairly big hands. Holding the iPhone ...

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