Chapter 6. Using iPhoto '09 to Enhance Your Photos

In This Chapter

  • Improving your photo's composition

  • Understanding the histogram

  • Making advanced photo adjustments

After you've done the best you can to optimize the use of available light and selectively focus to enhance the photo's composition, you might think, "Just take the picture, and you're done." Actually, you've just begun, and if you want to further enhance your photos, several software packages can help you. Covering them all in this book is impossible, so I concentrate on iPhoto '09, which comes with every new Mac or can be purchased separately.

To effectively use the power of the editing techniques available in iPhoto '09, you need to understand the type of editing you must do and how to do it.

Using iPhoto '09 to Enhance Your Photos

This chapter introduces you to histograms and how to interpret what they mean for your photographs. Reading a histogram helps you correct photo problems, such as exposure and lighting, and guides you toward taking better photos. Often, capturing a scene is so immediate that you whip out your iPhone and snap a picture without thinking about composition. This chapter covers iPhoto correction tools that might help you clean up those hurried shots.


Detailed descriptions of the interplay of light, sensors, and electronics can easily become complex, so I keep things as simple as possible in this chapter. For more on how to use iPhoto to edit ...

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