Chapter 9. Helpful Photography Apps for Your iPhone

In This Chapter

  • Using Adobe Photoshop Express on your iPhone

  • Coloring with Mill Colour

  • Enhancing camera functions with Gorillacam

  • Correcting high-contrast photos with Pro HDR

  • Making panoramas the easy way with Pano

  • Exciting ways to display multiple photos in Diptic

  • Lightening with iNightShot

It certainly hasn't taken the App Store long to increase the number of applications to more than 225,000. Although not all of these apps are concerned with photography, currently, there are more than 400 photography-related apps!

Helpful Photography Apps for Your iPhone

In this chapter, I review a few apps that I find to enhance the iPhone photography experience. Sometimes, the app modifies and simplifies certain built-in operations; other times, the app provides capabilities the iPhone camera doesn't already have.

Perhaps the nicest part is that while there are many worthwhile commercial applications out there, I show you some free apps that may be all you need.

Checking Out the Free Applications

I can hear you. "Show me some apps that won't cost me anything." And that's a fine place to start. Here's a brief tour of a few of the most useful free photography-oriented applications out there.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Hard to believe this Photoshop app is free, but it is. The Adobe Photoshop Express application allows you to either work on a photo in your library or edit right after you take a new photo. ...

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