Chapter 11. Ten Terrific Resources for iPhone Photography

In This Chapter

  • The Unofficial Apple Weblog

  • iPhography

  • iPhone Alley

  • iPhone Central

  • iPhoneography

  • iPhone 4 Forum

  • Just Another iPhone Blog

  • The iPhone Blog

  • Apple Discussions Forum: iPhone

  • The Apple Core on ZDNet

Regardless of the photographic knowledge you accumulate, there always seems to be something more to learn. I've certainly found this to be true, especially when using a camera in a cell phone, which requires some sophistication.

Ten Terrific Resources for iPhone Photography

How do you develop that sophistication? Just visiting a forum is a great way to get questions answered and gain insight into areas of iPhone photography you may not have thought about. In this chapter, I give you ten very useful resources to make your photos the best they can be. While the iPhone gathers even more converts, I'm sure the number of sites devoted to it and to iPhone photography will grow. With the arrival of the iPhone 4, new products and new information are almost a daily event. There's no better way of keeping up to date than using Web resources.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog

TUAW is a popular site that covers most things Apple. One part of the site is devoted to the iPhone. Tips, reviews, and new equipment often make their appearance here before anywhere else.


At this site, you can find the latest information on the iPhone, photo and video applications, ...

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