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iPhone Portable Genius, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Learn how to get even more out of your iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus

iPhone Portable Genius, 2nd Edition is packed with practical advice and covers all the key features in clear, no-nonsense language accessible to those new to the iPhone family or iOS 8. Even experienced iPhone users can discover new tips and tricks that help save time and eliminate hassles. This full-color guide is designed for the visual learner, featuring plenty of screenshots that illustrate various techniques. Genius icons highlight smarter, more innovative ways to do what you need to do better and faster. You'll find essential information about iOS, Siri, iCloud, and learn how to use your iPhone to manage, organize, and navigate your life.

Each new iPhone release inspires fervor as consumers clamor to get their hands on the latest and greatest. Why the excitement? Because as seamlessly functional as the iPhone is, it just keeps getting better. iPhone Portable Genius, 2nd Edition teaches you the techniques that translate across generations and upgrades as well as the fundamentals of iOS. Learn to:

  • Connect to a network, configure your settings, and work with iCloud

  • Max out the media features, surf the Web, and check your e-mail

  • Manage your contacts, appointments, e-books, and libraries

  • Sync your apps, photos, music, and more

  • A comprehensive index designed for easy navigation, clear, concise instruction, and a small, portable size make this handy guide ideal for new iPhone users. Making calls is only the beginning, and iPhone Portable Genius, 2nd Edition shows you how much your iPhone has to offer.

    Table of Contents

      1. Acknowledgments
      2. Introduction
      3. Chapter 1: How Do I Start Using My iPhone?
        1. Using the Home Button
        2. Working with the Sleep/Wake Button
          1. Sleeping and waking the iPhone
          2. Powering the iPhone on and off
          3. Silencing or declining a call
        3. Working with the Ring/Silent Switch
        4. Operating the Volume Controls
        5. Getting to Know the Rest of the iPhone
        6. Operating the Touchscreen
          1. Navigating the touchscreen
          2. Searching your iPhone
          3. Typing on the keyboard
        7. Running Your iPhone from the Control Center
      4. Chapter 2: How Do I Configure My iPhone?
        1. Customizing the Home Screen
          1. Creating an app folder
          2. Adding a Safari web clip to the Home screen
          3. Resetting the default Home screen layout
        2. Working with App Notifications
          1. Displaying the Notification Center
          2. Handling notifications within the Notification Center
          3. Customizing notifications
          4. Configuring Do Not Disturb settings
        3. More Useful iPhone Configuration Techniques
          1. Changing the name of your iPhone
          2. Turning sounds on and off
          3. Customizing the keyboard
          4. Creating text shortcuts
          5. Configuring Siri
          6. Signing in to your Facebook account
          7. Using Siri to update Facebook
          8. Signing in to your Twitter account
          9. Using Siri to send a tweet
          10. Controlling your privacy
          11. Resetting the iPhone
        4. Protecting Your iPhone
          1. Locking your iPhone with a passcode
          2. Unlocking your iPhone with a fingerprint
          3. Configuring your iPhone to sleep automatically
          4. Backing up your iPhone
          5. Configuring parental controls
          6. Locating and protecting a lost iPhone
        5. Enhancing Your iPhone with Apps
          1. Accessing the App Store on your computer
          2. Accessing the App Store on your iPhone
          3. Syncing apps
          4. Multitasking apps
          5. Using Siri to launch an app
      5. Chapter 3: How Do I Connect My iPhone to a Network?
        1. Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
          1. Making your first connection
          2. Connecting to known networks
          3. Connecting to a hidden Wi-Fi network
          4. Stopping incessant Wi-Fi network prompts
          5. Sending a file from your Mac to your iPhone
          6. Forgetting a Wi-Fi network
          7. Turning off the Wi-Fi antenna
        2. Setting Up Your iPhone as an Internet Hub
          1. Activating the Personal Hotspot
          2. Connecting to the hotspot using Wi-Fi
        3. Keeping an Eye on Your Data Usage
        4. Controlling Network Data
          1. Turning off LTE
          2. Turning off cellular data
          3. Controlling cellular data usage
          4. Turning off data roaming
          5. Switching your iPhone to Airplane mode
        5. Pairing Your iPhone to Bluetooth Devices
          1. Making your iPhone discoverable
          2. Pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard
          3. Pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth headset
          4. Selecting a paired headset as the audio output device
          5. Unpairing your iPhone from a Bluetooth device
      6. Chapter 4: How Can I Get More Out of the Phone App?
        1. Understanding Cellular Speeds
        2. Working with Outgoing Calls
          1. Making calls quickly
          2. Automatically dialing extensions or menu options
          3. Voice dialing a call with Siri
          4. Configuring your iPhone not to show your caller ID
          5. Placing Mac calls on your iPhone
        3. Handling Incoming Calls
          1. Silencing an incoming call
          2. Sending an incoming call directly to voicemail
          3. Replying with a message
          4. Setting a callback reminder
          5. Turning off the call waiting feature
          6. Blocking incoming calls
          7. Forwarding calls to another number
        4. Juggling Multiple Calls and Conference Calls
        5. Managing Your Favorites List
        6. Converting a Phone Number into a Contact
        7. Video Calling with FaceTime
          1. Initiating a FaceTime call
          2. Disabling FaceTime
      7. Chapter 5: How Can I Make the Most of iPhone Web Surfing?
        1. Touchscreen Tips for Websites
        2. Browsing Tips for Faster Surfing
          1. Opening and managing multiple browser tabs
          2. Working with iCloud tabs
          3. Opening a tab in the background
          4. Viewing a page without distractions
          5. Requesting a website’s desktop version
          6. Adding bookmarks manually
          7. Managing your bookmarks
          8. Surfing links from your Twitter feed
          9. Saving a page to read later
          10. Retracing your steps with the handy History list
        3. Filling in Online Forms
          1. Turning on AutoFill for faster form input
          2. Saving website login passwords
        4. Getting More Out of Safari on Your iPhone
          1. Maintaining your privacy by deleting the History list
          2. Deleting website data
          3. Browsing privately
          4. Tweeting a web page
          5. Sharing a link on Facebook
          6. Changing the default search engine
          7. Searching web page text
          8. Searching the web with Siri voice commands
          9. Sharing a link via AirDrop
      8. Chapter 6: How Do I Maximize iPhone Email?
        1. Managing Your iPhone Email Accounts
          1. Adding an account by hand
          2. Specifying the default account
          3. Temporarily disabling an account
          4. Deleting an account
          5. Switching to another account
        2. Configuring Email Accounts
          1. Managing multiple devices by leaving messages on the server
          2. Fixing outgoing email problems by using a different server port
          3. Configuring authentication for outgoing mail
        3. Configuring Email Messages
          1. Creating email VIPs
          2. Emailing a link to a web page
          3. Creating iCloud message folders
          4. Formatting email text
          5. Creating a custom iPhone signature
          6. Continuing a Mac email message on your iPhone
          7. Disabling remote images in messages
          8. Preventing Mail from organizing messages by thread
          9. Maintaining messages with gestures
          10. Marking all messages as read
          11. Controlling email with Siri voice commands
      9. Chapter 7: How Do I Synchronize My iPhone?
        1. Connecting Your iPhone to Your Computer
          1. Connecting via USB
          2. Connecting via Wi-Fi
        2. Synchronizing Your iPhone Automatically
          1. Bypassing the automatic sync
          2. Troubleshooting automatic syncing
        3. Synchronizing Your iPhone Manually
        4. Synchronizing Your iPhone via Wi-Fi
        5. Synchronizing Information with Your iPhone
          1. Syncing your contacts
          2. Syncing your calendar
          3. Syncing your email account
          4. Syncing your bookmarks
          5. Syncing your notes
          6. Merging data from two or more computers
          7. Handling sync conflicts
          8. Handling large iPhone-to-computer sync changes
          9. Replacing your iPhone data with fresh info
        6. Synchronizing Media with Your iPhone
          1. Syncing music and music videos
          2. Syncing podcasts
          3. Syncing audiobooks
          4. Syncing movies
          5. Syncing TV show episodes
          6. Syncing ebooks
          7. Syncing computer photos to your iPhone
          8. Syncing iPhone photos to your computer
          9. Syncing photos via iCloud
          10. Preventing your iPhone from sending photos to your computer
          11. Syncing media with two or more computers
      10. Chapter 8: How Can I Get More Out of Audio Features on My iPhone?
        1. Getting More Out of the Music App
          1. Rating a song
          2. Controlling music with Siri voice commands
          3. Turning off the Shake to Shuffle feature
          4. Answering an incoming call while listening to music on the headset
          5. Listening to a shared iTunes library
          6. Using AirPlay to stream iPhone audio
          7. Listening to iTunes Radio
        2. Getting More Out of the iTunes Store App
          1. Creating a custom iTunes Store menu bar
          2. Redeeming an iTunes gift card
        3. Creating a Custom Ringtone
          1. Using iTunes to create a custom ringtone
          2. Using GarageBand to create a custom ringtone
          3. Syncing ringtones
        4. Working with Playlists
          1. Creating a favorite tunes playlist for your iPhone
          2. Creating a playlist on your iPhone
        5. Customizing Your Audio Settings
      11. Chapter 9: How Do I Max Out My iPhone’s Photo and Video Features?
        1. Getting More Out of iPhone Photos
          1. Understanding the iPhone camera features
          2. Taking a panoramic photo
          3. Taking High Dynamic Range photos
          4. Taking a time-delayed photo
          5. Taking time-lapse photos
          6. Preventing blurry iPhone photos
          7. Marking a photo as a favorite
          8. Scrolling, rotating, zooming, and panning photos
          9. Adding an existing photo to a contact
          10. Enhancing a photo
          11. Removing red-eye
          12. Cropping and straightening
          13. Applying a filter
          14. Sending a photo via email
          15. Texting a photo
          16. Sending and receiving a photo via AirDrop
          17. Posting a photo to Facebook
          18. Tweeting a photo
          19. Controlling photo sharing options
          20. Saving a photo from a text message
          21. Activating your iCloud photo library
          22. Playing a slide show with background music
          23. Creating a custom photo slide show
          24. Creating a photo album
          25. Deleting a photo
        2. Getting More Out of iPhone Videos
          1. Playing iPhone videos on your TV
          2. Streaming iPhone video to Apple TV
          3. Mirroring the iPhone screen on your TV
          4. Watching videos from a shared iTunes library
          5. Converting a video file to iPhone format
          6. Recording video with an iPhone camera
          7. Editing recorded video
          8. Sending a video via email
          9. Uploading recorded video to YouTube
      12. Chapter 10: Can I Use My iPhone to Manage Contacts and Appointments?
        1. Managing Your Contacts
          1. Creating a new contact
          2. Editing an existing contact
          3. Assigning phone numbers to a contact
          4. Assigning email addresses to a contact
          5. Assigning web addresses to a contact
          6. Assigning social network data to a contact
          7. Assigning physical addresses to a contact
          8. Creating a custom label
          9. Adding extra fields to a contact
          10. Creating a new contact from an electronic business card
          11. Sending and receiving a contact via AirDrop
          12. Working with Facebook contacts
          13. Managing contacts with Siri voice commands
        2. Tracking Your Events
          1. Adding an event to your calendar
          2. Editing an existing event
          3. Setting up a repeating event
          4. Converting an event to an all-day event
          5. Adding an alert to an event
          6. Controlling events with Siri voice commands
          7. Handling Microsoft Exchange meeting requests
          8. Subscribing to a calendar
        3. Creating Reminders
          1. Setting a reminder for a specific time
          2. Setting a reminder for a specific location
          3. Creating a new list
          4. Completing a reminder
          5. Deleting a reminder
          6. Setting the default Reminders list
          7. Setting reminders with Siri voice commands
        4. Working with Passes
      13. Chapter 11: How Do I Use My iPhone to Navigate My World?
        1. Finding Your Way with Maps and GPS
          1. Searching for a destination
          2. Getting info about a destination
          3. Displaying your current location
          4. Displaying a map of a contact’s location
          5. Mapping an address from an email
          6. Specifying a location when you don’t know the exact address
          7. Getting directions to a location
          8. Getting live traffic information
          9. Controlling Maps with Siri voice commands
        2. Configuring Location Services
          1. Turning off location services
          2. Controlling app access to GPS
          3. Enabling or disabling system location services
        3. Sharing Map Data
      14. Chapter 12: How Do I Manage My Ebook Library?
        1. Getting Your Head around Ebook Formats
        2. Syncing Ebooks via iCloud
        3. Managing Your iBooks Library
          1. Browsing books in the iBookstore
          2. Adding a PDF attachment to your library
          3. Working with collections
          4. Adding other EPUB ebooks to your library
          5. Editing the iBooks Bookshelf
          6. Creating a custom ebook cover
        4. Reading Ebooks with the iBooks App
          1. Controlling ebooks on the reading screen
          2. Formatting ebook text
          3. Adding a bookmark
          4. Looking up a word in the dictionary
          5. Highlighting text
          6. Adding a note
        5. Reading Other Ebooks
        6. Reading Magazines with Newsstand
      15. Chapter 13: How Do I Keep My Life in Sync with iCloud?
        1. Understanding iCloud
        2. Understanding iCloud Device Support
        3. Configuring iCloud on Your iPhone
          1. Setting up your iCloud account on your iPhone
          2. Setting up iCloud synchronization on your iPhone
          3. Setting up and using Family Sharing
          4. Setting up iCloud Keychain
          5. Managing your iCloud storage
          6. Changing your iCloud storage plan
          7. Upgrading to iCloud Drive
        4. Configuring iCloud on Your Mac
          1. Setting up an iCloud account on your Mac
          2. Setting up iCloud synchronization on your Mac
        5. Configuring iCloud on Your Windows PC
      16. Chapter 14: How Do I Fix My iPhone?
        1. General Techniques for Troubleshooting Your iPhone
          1. Troubleshooting connected devices
          2. Updating software
          3. Restoring data and settings
          4. Putting your iPhone in Device Firmware Upgrade mode
        2. Taking Care of the iPhone Battery
          1. Tracking battery use
          2. Tips for extending battery life
        3. Solving Specific Problems
          1. The iPhone screen won’t respond to taps
          2. Your battery won’t charge
          3. You have trouble accessing a Wi-Fi network
          4. iTunes doesn’t see your iPhone
          5. iTunes won’t sync your iPhone
          6. You have trouble syncing music or videos
          7. You can’t get your iPhone serial number
          8. An app is taking up a large amount of space
      17. Glossary