iPhone Secrets

Book description

A top tech blogger takes you behind the scenes for an in-depth look at the iPhone

The world's love of the iPhone only continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Darren Murph, managing editor of Engadget and a Guinness World Record holder as the most prolific blogger, explores every amazing capability of the iPhone and shows you how to take full advantage of this remarkable mini-computer. He reveals secret shortcuts, best ways to boost your productivity, how to take advantage of iMessage and push notifications, international iPhone travel tips, how to maximize AirPlay, and so much more.

  • Most iPhone users barely scratch the surface of what the device can do; the world's leading tech blogger shares little-known secrets that let you take your iPhone use to a new level

  • Covers keeping the iPhone synced via iCloud, using mobile social networking and location-based platforms, multitasking, iMessage, making the most of Siri, and using all the video calling options

  • Helps you maximize wireless convenience with AirPlay streaming media, Wi-Fi calling solutions for international travel, and the GameCenter

  • Looks at troubleshooting and jailbreaking for peak performance

  • Perfect for any gadget freak, even those with their first iPhone

iPhone Secrets opens up a new dimension of productivity, convenience, and fun for iPhone users.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Part I: Becoming an iPhone Setup Pro
    1. Chapter 1: Selecting and Setting Up Your iPhone
      1. Choosing Which iPhone to Buy
      2. Saving Money the Refurbished Way
      3. Understanding the Non-Expandable Storage Situation
      4. Setting Up (and Understanding) Find My iPhone
      5. Working with Networks
      6. Updating and Readying iTunes
      7. Organizing Your iLife First
      8. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: Icon Placement and Organization
      1. Optimizing Placement for Productivity
      2. Generating a Workflow
      3. Summary
    3. Chapter 3: Managing Your E-Mail Accounts with iPhone
      1. Mastering Gmail’s iOS Application
      2. Perfecting the Mail App
      3. Summary
    4. Chapter 4: Wrangling iTunes (While Maintaining Your Sanity)
      1. Mastering the Initial iTunes Setup
      2. Understanding Account Limits
      3. What Can Be Synced, and Where?
      4. Opting Out of a Backup
      5. How to Manage Multiple Computers
      6. Summary
  3. Part II: Acing the Advanced Features
    1. Chapter 5: Multi-Tasking Magic
      1. Shortcuts Galore
      2. Mastering Your Inner Keyboarder
      3. Screening Your Phone Calls
      4. Making the Most of Maps
      5. Managing Your Background Apps
      6. Spotlight: Universally Searching
      7. Gestures to Live By
      8. Summary
    2. Chapter 6: Taking FaceTime (and Those Other Video Calling Solutions) to the Next Level
      1. Making FaceTime Your Go-To Video Calling App
      2. Integrating Skype into the Workflow
      3. Summary
    3. Chapter 7: Streaming Your Multimedia Without Wires: AirPlay
      1. The In(puts) and Out(puts) of Audio Streaming
      2. Understanding What Can Be Streamed Where
      3. Selecting Your Next Speaker System
      4. What’s Next for AirPlay?
      5. Summary
    4. Chapter 8: Cutting the Cord: Utilizing Wireless Functionality
      1. Cutting the USB Cord
      2. Wi-Fi Syncing Your Way to Cordless Freedom
      3. Mastering Device-to-Device Transfers
      4. Tapping into Bluetooth
      5. Summary
  4. Part III: Diving Into Software
    1. Chapter 9: Game On with Game Center
      1. Getting Jacked In
      2. Discovering and Downloading New Games
      3. Protecting Your Privacy
      4. Keeping a Handle on Restrictions
      5. Going Beyond the Game
      6. Summary
    2. Chapter 10: Useful Productivity Apps
      1. Calendars, Maps, and To-Do Tools
      2. Obligatory Office Apps
      3. Presentation Is Everything
      4. Travel Must-Haves
      5. Fiduciary Responsibility
      6. Calculators and Translators
      7. Apps for Kids
      8. Reading and Re-Reading
      9. News and Reference Material
      10. Wizarding Weather Apps
      11. Alternative Browsing Options
      12. Searching for Great Apps
      13. Summary
    3. Chapter 11: The Best Not-Exactly-Productive Apps
      1. Mindless Flings
      2. Brain Bolsterers
      3. Puzzling Programs
      4. Musical Endeavors
      5. Playing with Photos
      6. Sporting Goods
      7. Fitness and Training Apps
      8. Elements of Entertainment
      9. High-End Gaming
      10. Summary
    4. Chapter 12: iMessage and the Wide World of Push Notifications
      1. What Is iMessage?
      2. Understanding the Depths of iMessage
      3. Managing Your Messaging Contacts
      4. Keeping Notifications Under Control
      5. Summary
  5. Part IV: Becoming a Digital Genius
    1. Chapter 13: Utilizing the iPhone’s Camera
      1. Speaking the Camera’s Language
      2. Understanding the Camera’s Settings
      3. Editing Your Photos
      4. Ditching Your Point-and-Shoot Camera
      5. Geotagging Your Photos
      6. Sharing Is Caring
      7. Summary
    2. Chapter 14: Utilizing Your Personal Assistant: Siri
      1. Commanding a Robot
      2. Integrating Siri into Your Digital Workflow
      3. Why Location Matters, Even to Siri
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 15: Social Networking Savvy
      1. Tapping into @Twitter via iOS 6 #howto
      2. What About Facebook?
      3. Those Other Social Networking Apps…
      4. Location-Based Networking
      5. Summary
    4. Chapter 16: iCloud, the Cloud, and iTunes Match
      1. Wrapping Your Head Around the Cloud
      2. Implementing iTunes Match
      3. Summary
    5. Chapter 17: Ace Accessories
      1. Deciding on a Keyboard
      2. iPhone Cases for Every Occasion
      3. Bluetooth Headsets and Headphones
      4. Hacks and Workarounds
      5. Next-Level Accessories
      6. Summary
    6. Chapter 18: Jailbreaking and Troubleshooting
      1. Jailbreaking Your iPhone
      2. A Look at Recovery Mode
      3. A Look at DFU (Device Firmware Update) Mode
      4. Taking Your iPhone in for Service
      5. Summary
  6. About the Author
  7. About the Technical Editor
  8. Introduction

Product information

  • Title: iPhone Secrets
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118339039