Chapter 3. How Can I Make the Most of Web Surfing with My iPhone?

How Can I Make the Most of Web Surfing with My iPhone?

One of the most popular modern pastimes is Web surfing, and now you can surf sites even when you're out and about thanks to your iPhone's large screen and support for speedy networks such as 3G and Wi-Fi. You perform these surfin' safaris using, appropriately enough, the Mobile Safari Web browser. This is a trimmed-down version of Safari, one of the world's best browsers, and out of the box it's easy to use and intuitive. However, Mobile Safari offers quite a few options and features, many of which are hidden in obscure nooks and crannies of the iPhone interface. If you think your surfing activities could be faster, more efficient, more productive, or more secure, this chapter shows you a bunch of techniques that can help.

Understanding Internet Access Networks 56

Tethering a Computer to Your iPhone's Internet Connection 57

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network 59

Touchscreen Tips for Web Sites 64

Filling in Online Forms 67

Using Bookmarks for Faster Surfing 70

Getting Even More Out of Safari on Your iPhone 75

Understanding Internet Access Networks

To get on the Web, your iPhone must first connect to a network that offers Internet access. To make this easy and seamless, your iPhone can work with not just a single network, not just two networks (like the original iPhone), but three network types:

  • Wi-Fi. Short for wireless fidelity, and ...

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