Chapter 14. Apply Here (to Find Out about iPhone Apps)

In This Chapter

  • Browsing for cool apps

  • Searching for specific apps

  • Getting applications onto your iPhone

  • Managing iPhone apps

  • Updating apps to make them better

  • Voicing your opinion on apps

  • Reporting issues with recalcitrant iPhone apps

One of the best things about the iPhone these days is that you can download and install applications created by third parties, which is to say not created by Apple (the first party) or you (the second party). At the time of this writing, more than 85,000 applications are available and well over 1,000,000,000 (yes, a billion) apps have been downloaded. Some apps are free, other apps cost money; some apps are useful, other apps are lame; some apps are perfectly well-behaved, other apps quit unexpectedly (or worse). The point is that a lot of apps are out there and that some are better than others.

In this chapter, we take a broad look at iPhone apps. Don't worry: We have plenty to say about specific apps in Chapters 16 and 17.

Apply Here (to Find Out about iPhone Apps)

You can obtain and install applications for your iPhone in two ways:

  • On your computer

  • On your iPhone

To use the App Store on your iPhone, it must be connected to the Internet. And, if you obtain an app on your computer, it isn't available on your iPhone until you sync it with your computer.

But before you can use the App Store on your iPhone or your computer, you first need an iTunes Store ...

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