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About the Authors
David Pogue is the weekly tech columnist for the New York Times,
an Emmy-winning correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning, a
weekly contributor on CNBC, the 2006 winner of the Online News
Associations award for commentary, and the creator of the Missing
Manual series. Hes the author or co-author of 46 books, including
20 in this series and six in the “For Dummies” line (including Macs,
Magic, Opera, and Classical Music).
In his other life, David is a former Broadway show conductor, a magician, and a
pianist. News, photos, links to his columns, blog, and weekly videos await at www.
He welcomes feedback about his books by email at (If you’re
seeking technical help, however, please refer to the sources in Appendix C.)
Derrick Story focuses on digital photography, music, and Mac com-
puting in his teaching and writing. You can keep up with his online
articles, blogs, and books at Derrick’s
also a regular contributor to Macworld magazine and speaker at the
Macworld Expo. You can listen to his photography podcasts and
browse his daily tips and tricks at
About the Creative Team
Teresa Noelle Roberts (copy editor, proofreading coordinator) is a freelance copy edi-
tor and proofreader, as well as a widely published fiction writer and poet. When she
can tear herself away from the computer, she may be found gardening, belly dancing,
or enjoying the beautiful beaches of New England.
Phil Simpson (design and layout) works out of his office in Southbury, Connecticut,
where he has had his graphic design business since 1982. He is experienced in many
facets of graphic design, including corporate identity, publication design, and corpo-
rate and medical communications. Email:
Lesa Snider King (graphics and index production) is a stock photographer and chief
evangelist for, founder of the creative tutorial site GraphicReporter.
com, and author of Graphic Secrets for Business Professionals (2007, She
writes for the NAPP, Macworld and Layers magazines, and teaches yearly at Photoshop
World and Macworld Expo. Lesa co-hosts the radio show and
hosts her own podcast, “Graphic Secrets. Web site:
The Missing Credits
xii the missing credits
In the three years that I’ve been writing articles about iPhoto and speaking at con-
ferences and user group meetings, I’ve received many helpful comments from Mac
DevCenter readers and enthusiasts who have attended my talks. For those of you who
have shared your passion for digital photography with me, I want you to know that
your comments, questions, and support are very much a part of this book.
—Derrick Story
The Missing Manual series is a joint venture between Pogue Press (the dream team
introduced on these pages) and O’Reilly Media (a dream publishing partner). I’m
indebted, as always, to Tim O’Reilly, Laurie Petrycki, and the rest of the gang.
I also owe a debt of gratitude to my old Yale roommate Joe Schorr, who co-authored
the first two editions of this book and wound up, years later, working at Apple, where
he eventually became the product manager for Aperture and—how’s this for irony?—
iPhoto. Some of his prose and his humor live on in this edition.
The photos featured in this book’s examples were taken by Lesa Snider King (balloon
festival shots), Derrick Story (Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 7 shots), and me (the rest).
Special thanks to Zach Brass, who created a number of the screenshots in this book;
to Dennis Cohen, who tech-edited this book’s early editions; to proofreaders Sohaila
Abdulali, Kate Briggs, Lorne S. Lehrer, Sada Preisch, and Ellen Keyne Seebacher; and
to David Rogelberg.
Above all, thanks to Jennifer, Kelly, Tia, and Jeffrey, whose patience and sacrifices make
these books—and everything else—possible.
—David Pogue
The Missing Manual Series
Missing Manuals are witty, superbly written guides to computer products that dont
come with printed manuals (which is just about all of them). Each book features a
handcrafted index; cross-references to specific page numbers (not just “see Chapter
14”); and RepKover, a detached-spine binding that lets the book lie perfectly flat
without the assistance of weights or cinder blocks.
Here’s a list of current and upcoming titles.
For Macintosh
•Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual by David Pogue
•iMovie ’08 & iDVD: The Missing Manual by David Pogue
•Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition by David Pogue
•iPhone: The Missing Manual by David Pogue
•AppleScript: The Missing Manual by Adam Goldstein

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