Chapter 7. Exploring the iPhoto Editor

In This Chapter

  • Taking a look at the power of the Editor

  • Full-screen editing

  • Trying edits until they're right — Redo, Undo, and Revert to Original

  • Editing multiple photos the easy way

The iPhoto Editor is a combination of one-click, quick-fix tools and advanced editing capabilities for everything from exposure and saturation to noise reduction and color balance. No matter what level of editing you need to perform, the iPhoto Editor provides the tools.

If you've already been through Chapter 2, you completed a simple iPhoto project and were introduced to some of the editing tools available. In this chapter, I show you in more depth how to use all the editing tools.

Sometimes, because of the subject or the lighting, you have to quickly take a photo. You just might not have time to get the composition precisely how you want it. iPhoto can help you compensate for that, too, allowing compositional changes after the fact.

That's enough talk — time to get busy understanding how to make your photos better.

Exploring the iPhoto Editor

Understanding the Editor

Taking the perfect photograph is a lofty goal and nearly impossible. Light never falls evenly on all parts of a photo, or you make a simple error in camera settings in the heat of the picture-taking moment, or your composition isn't quite right.

Luckily, almost all these errors can be corrected, at least to some extent. Figure 7-1 shows ...

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