Chapter 11. Sharing Your Photos Electronically

In This Chapter

  • Using Apple Mail with iPhoto

  • Burning CDs and DVDs for sharing

  • The power of MobileMe

  • Interfacing an iPhone and iPhoto

  • Sharing socially: Facebook and Flickr

  • Utilizing photo feeds

  • Exporting to other applications

These days, the fastest way to share your photographic works of art is electronically. And because working with iPhoto means that you already have your photos in the digital realm, sharing them with your friends and relatives is easy. Burning them onto CDs and DVDs is quick and easy, too.

Depending upon the resolution of your shared photo, the recipient can decide whether to print it. That way, you don't have to worry about shipping hard-copy photos or risking them getting bent or folded (even if you mark them Do Not Bend!)

Sharing Your Photos Electronically

In this chapter, I show you how iPhoto and Apple Mail work together. Don't want to spend time e-mailing photos to each person in your address book? No problem — put them on the Web and just send an invitation to view. This can be done using social networking applications like Facebook and Flickr and Apple's MobileMe service, all of which I show you in this chapter.

E-Mailing Photos

Many good e-mail clients are available for Mac besides the Apple client, Mail. Eudora, AOL, and Entourage all allow you to send photos. Rather than trying to cover them all, though, I concentrate on using iPhoto with Mail. You may ...

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