Chapter 14. Ten Terrific Web Resources and Software Add-ons for iPhoto

In This Chapter

  • White papers, Webcasts, and downloads

  • Shutterfly Export Assistant for iPhoto

  • iPhoto to Archive

  • iPhoto Library Manager

  • PictureItPostage

  • Duplicate Annihilator

  • Essentials 2 Add-Ons

  • Keyword Manager

  • iPhoto Buddy

  • iPhoto Mini

If you haven't guessed already, I think iPhoto is a great Apple tool for bringing the best out of your photos and for giving you, the photographer, several ways to enjoy and share your hard work and great photos.

Ten Terrific Web Resources and Software Add-ons for iPhoto

No matter how much capability is put into software, though, more can always be added. Although books are fixed in what they can present at any one time, there's nothing static about the ideas and solutions you find online. In this chapter, I give you ten excellent iPhoto resources, but there are certainly more. I encourage you to look around on the Web for your own terrific resources.


Take the time upfront to make sure that any software you try works with the version of iPhoto that you have.


The TechRepublic Web site is a terrific source of white papers, Webcasts, ideas, discussions, and downloadable software to enhance your iPhoto use. This site also covers lots of other products, so it might turn into a real goldmine for you. Just use the Search box on the TechRepublic landing page.

Shutterfly Export Assistant ...

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