Chapter 7. How Can I Use MobileMe to Share Photos?

How Can I Use MobileMe to Share Photos?

With iPhoto and a MobileMe account, you can publish photos and other images in your library to your MobileMe Gallery on the Web quickly and easily. Here you can view your photos using a Web browser running on any type of computer. You can allow viewers to download photos from your photo Web pages, and can even allow them to upload images, making your pages interactive.

Getting Started with MobileMe

Apple's online service MobileMe provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Information synchronization on Macs, Windows PCs, and iPhones.

  • File storage online using a virtual hard disk (called an iDisk in MobileMe lingo).

  • Text, audio, and video chat.

  • Web site publishing.

  • Email using email applications on desktop computers or iPhones and via the MobileMe Web email application.

  • Contact management online via the MobileMe Web Contacts application.

  • Calendar viewing on the Web.

I cover several of these functions in more depth in other chapters of this book, while this chapter focuses on using MobileMe to publish your photos on the Web.

To use MobileMe services, you need to have a MobileMe account and to configure your Mac to use it.

How to sign up for a MobileMe account is beyond the scope of this book, but to get started, visit and click the Free Trial button. (You can use MobileMe for 60 days at no cost.) After you complete the ...

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