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iPhoto: Fix Your Photos

Video Description

Learn how to quickly solve everyday problems in your pictures with Apple iPhoto. With the help of the videos in this set, you’ll learn from the most up-to-date information and technology to make your photos look their best.

The videos provide easy to follow tutorials that help you fix common problems with pictures. You'll learn how to straighten and crop, adjust dark photos, and bring out the color in your snapshots. You'll also learn how to fix soft focus, red eye, and overexposed photos. Whether you're new to iPhoto or even an experienced user, you'll find useful techniques and powerful shortcuts to get your work done faster. Each lesson includes hands on files so you can work along with the instructor. Includes:

  • 17 training videos

  • Zooms and close-ups to make it easy to see the action in the videos

  • Hands-on files that you download to your computer so you can try out each technique