Chapter 7

Updating Your iPod Using iTunes

In This Chapter

  • Synchronizing your iPod or iPhone with your iTunes library
  • Choosing what to sync and what not to sync
  • Copying content directly to, or deleting from, your iPod or iPhone

iTunes is the all-knowing, all-powerful synchronizer, the software you use to put content and your iTunes Store account information on your iPod or iPhone.

Synchronizing your iPod or iPhone with iTunes means keeping it up to date with all or part of your iTunes library — matching it song for song, movie for movie, and so on. The sync operation also keeps an iPod touch or iPhone up to date with your iTunes Store account information so that you can download items from the iTunes Store or App Store directly to your iPod touch or iPhone.

If you make changes in iTunes after syncing the iPod or iPhone, those changes are automatically made in the iPod or iPhone when you sync again. Your iPod or iPhone mirrors all the content of your iTunes library, or as much of the content as will fit — and iTunes can make assumptions if the entire library won't fit, or give you options to be more selective, as I describe in this chapter.

When you first set up your iPod or iPhone, you can choose the option to sync your entire iTunes library automatically. From that point on, your iPod or iPhone synchronizes with your entire library automatically, right after you connect it to your computer. (See Chapter 2 for details on setting up your iPod or iPhone.)

The full, everything-but-the-kitchen-sync ...

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