Chapter 9

Your Pocket Picture Player

In This Chapter

  • Synchronizing photo albums
  • Viewing photos
  • Setting up slide shows

The world is awash in pictures, from photos and video clips to cartoon images, graphics, and famous paintings. If you like to carry pictures around with you, you're going to love the iPod as a player for viewing pictures. This chapter shows you how.

Syncing with Photo Albums and Folders

After importing photos from cameras into your computer, and importing image files from other sources, you can organize them into albums or collections. On a Mac, you can use iPhoto (version 4.0.3 or newer) or Aperture. On a Windows PC, you can use Adobe Photoshop Album (version 2.0 or newer) or Adobe Photoshop Elements (version 3.0 or newer).

You can then set up your iPod to sync with your entire photo library or with specific albums in your library so that any changes you make to the library or to those albums are copied to the iPod. In addition, any pictures you collect from e-mails on your iPod touch are synced back to the photo library on your computer.

If you don't have iPhoto or one of the Adobe products, you can store your pictures in their own folder on your hard drive (such as the Pictures folder in your home folder on a Mac or the My Pictures folder in your My Documents folder in Windows). You can then use iTunes to transfer pictures from this folder, treating the folder as a single photo album. If you have subfolders in this folder, iTunes copies the subfolder assignments ...

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