Chapter 16. iPod and iTunes Out Loud

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You’ll learn to:

  • Blast tunes through your home stereo system

  • Integrate your ’Pod with your car’s stereo system

  • Add external speakers

  • Stream audio and video using AirPlay

  • Find iPod accessories

NOW THAT YOU’VE GOTTEN your iPod loaded with all kinds of cool entertainment, you can listen to your playlists, albums, audiobooks, and podcasts on the go. But that’s not your only aural option. You can also crank your tunes on a booming stereo setup wherever you happen to be—your car, living room, bathroom, wherever. If you can load it onto your iPod, you can channel it through most any sound system—and at pretty reasonable cost, too. This chapter explains the simple steps you follow to play your ’Pod through the woofers and tweeters in your life.

Got an iPod Touch running at least iOS 5, a second-generation Apple TV, and a zippy WiFi network? You can stream videos, photos, and more between your iPod and big-screen TV without getting tangled up in cables and jacks. And if you have a different iPod, no Apple TV, or no WiFi, you can still watch video on the big screen; Play iTunes and iPod Videos on Your TV has details.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers also work with the Touch and latest Nano. But before you plunk down cold cash on any fancy audio gizmo, take note: Apple has made a lot of iPod models over the years, and not every accessory works with all iPods, especially ...

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