Chapter 9. Picture Your Photos on the iPod

Who wants to share treasured photos with friends if they’re in the cracked plastic picture sleeves of an overstuffed wallet? If you have an iPod Touch, Nano, or Classic, you can transfer your prized shots from your computer to your iPod and display them on a glossy color screen wherever you happen to be.

The picture-perfect fun doesn’t stop there, either. This trio of ‘Pods can create slideshows of your images right there in the palm of your hand. And as with many previous iPod models, you can plug any of the 2010 iPods into a TV set so you can see your stills on a big living-room screen. This chapter shows you how to do everything but microwave the popcorn.

Set Up: Get Ready to Put Photos on Your iPod

To move pictures to your ‘Pod, you need a computer loaded with iTunes and an iPod outfitted with a color screen, along with a couple of other things:

  • Compatible photo software for your Windows or Mac PC, or a folder of photos on your hard drive. iPods can sync with several popular photo programs that you may already use. Windows mavens can grab pictures from Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 or later. On the Mac, there’s Aperture or iPhoto 6 or later. You can also transfer pictures from a folder on your computer, like the Pictures (or My Pictures) folder on a Windows system, the Mac’s iPhoto Library folder (for those who haven’t upgraded past iPhoto 6), and even the Mac OS X Pictures folder.

  • Digital photographs in the proper format. iTunes plays well ...

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