iPod touch Made Simple, iOS 5 Edition

Book description

The new iOS 5-driven iPod touch devices are much more than just music. These have all the features of a PDA—including email, calendar, Google Maps, the App Store, and even phone capabilities—as well as the ability to watch movies and play your favorite games, all packed into Apple's sleek design.

With iPod touch Made Simple, iOS 5 Edition, you'll learn how to take advantage of all these features and more, now available using the new iOS 5. Packed with over 1,000 visuals and screenshots, this book will help you master all the functions of the iPod touch devices that run iOS 5 and teach you time-saving techniques and tips along the way.

Written by two successful smartphone trainers and authors, this is the go-to guide for the iPod touch!

What you'll learn

  • Support for both Windows and Mac users

  • Sync and manage all your music on the iPod touch or your computer

  • Find the best App Store applications and games

  • Save time with copy/paste & Spotlight search

  • Play music, videos, TV shows, and podcasts

  • Sync playlists, videos, contacts, calendar, and notes

  • Fast email, phone, calendar, and browser tips

  • Use Google Maps to find just about anything!

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network setup & security

  • All the best tips and tricks for the touch screen

Who this book is for

This book is for those new to the iPod touch or the iPod touch devices running the new and latest iOS 5 and even for seasoned users who want to learn new tips and techniques.

Table of contents

  1. Title
  2. Dedication
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. About the Authors
  6. About the Technical Reviewer
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Part I: Quick Start Guide
    1. Getting Around Quickly
  9. Part II: Introduction
    1. Introduction
  10. Part III: You and Your iPod touch …
    1. Chapter 1: Getting Started
      1. Getting to Know Your iPod touch
      2. Setting up Your iPod touch
      3. Setting up Your iPod touch Over-the-Air Using iCloud
      4. Setting up Your iPod touch Using iTunes
      5. Maintaining Your iPod touch
      6. iPod touch Basics
    2. Chapter 2: Typing, Copy, and Search
      1. Typing on Your iPod touch
      2. Spell Checker
      3. Accessibility Options
      4. Using the Magnifying Glass for Editing Text or Placing the Cursor
      5. Typing Numbers and Symbols
      6. Caps Lock
      7. Quickly Selecting and Deleting or Changing Text
      8. Keyboard Options and Settings
      9. Typing in Other Languages—International Keyboards
      10. Copy and Paste
      11. Finding Things with Spotlight Search
    3. Chapter 3: Sync with iCloud, iTunes, and More
      1. iCloud
      2. Setting up iCloud
      3. Managing iCloud Storage and Backup
      4. Buying More iCloud Storage
      5. iTunes in the Cloud
      6. iCloud on the Computer
      7. Syncing with iTunes
      8. Set Up Your iTunes Sync
      9. Syncing Your iPod touch with iTunes
      10. Syncing Media and More
      11. Troubleshooting iTunes and the Sync
      12. Updating Your iPod touch Operating System
      13. Other Sync Methods
    4. Chapter 4: Connect to the Network
      1. Advanced Wi-Fi Options (Hidden or Undiscoverable Networks)
      2. Flying on an Airplane: Airplane Mode
      3. VPN: Virtual Private Network
    5. Chapter 5: AirPlay and Bluetooth
      1. Understanding AirPlay
      2. Understanding Bluetooth
      3. Understanding Bluetooth
      4. Pairing with a Bluetooth Device
      5. Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)
      6. Disconnecting or Forgetting a Bluetooth Device
    6. Chapter 6: Icons and Folders
      1. Moving Icons to the Bottom Dock
      2. Moving Icons to a Different Home Page
      3. Deleting Icons
      4. Resetting All Your Icon Locations (Factory Defaults)
      5. Working with Folders
    7. Chapter 7: Multitasking
      1. Fast App Switching
    8. Chapter 8: Personalize and Secure
      1. Changing Your Lock Screen and Home Screen Wallpapers
      2. Downloading Great Wallpaper from Free Apps
      3. Adjusting Sounds on Your iPod touch
      4. Keyboard Options
      5. Securing Your iPod touch with a Passcode
      6. Setting Restrictions
    9. Chapter 9: Using iMessage
      1. Enabling iMessage and Adjusting Settings
      2. Multimedia iMessaging
    10. Chapter 10: Video Messaging and Skype
      1. Video Calling
      2. Making Phone Calls and More with Skype
      3. Video Recording
    11. Chapter 11: Playing Music
      1. Your iPod touch as a Music Player
      2. The Music App
      3. Changing the View in the Music app
      4. Viewing Songs in an Album
      5. Playing Your Music
      6. Adjusting Music Settings
      7. Listening to Free Internet Radio (Pandora)
    12. Chapter 12: iBooks and E-Books
      1. Downloading iBooks
      2. The iBooks Store
      3. Switching Collections (Books, PDFs, More)
      4. Reading PDFs
      5. Reading iBooks
      6. Moving and Deleting Books
      7. Other E-Book Readers: Kindle and Kobo
    13. Chapter 13: Newsstand and More
      1. Newsstand
      2. Buying and Subscribing to Periodicals
      3. Newspapers
      4. Magazines
      5. Comic Books
      6. The iPod touch as a PDF Reader
    14. Chapter 14: Viewing Videos
      1. Your iPod touch as a Video Player
      2. Playing a Movie
      3. Using AirPlay
      4. Watching a TV Show
      5. Watching Podcasts
      6. Watching Music Videos
      7. Video Options
      8. Deleting Videos
      9. YouTube on your iPod touch
    15. Chapter 15: Safari Web Browser
      1. Web Browsing on the iPod touch
      2. Working with Safari Bookmarks
      3. Reading List
      4. Safari Reader
      5. Safari Browsing Tips and Tricks
      6. Adjusting the Safari Browser Settings
    16. Chapter 16: Communicate with Email
      1. Getting Started with Mail
      2. Setting up Email on the iPod touch
      3. Composing and Sending Emails
      4. Reading and Replying to Mail
      5. Email Attachments
      6. Replying, Forwarding, or Deleting a Message
      7. Cleaning up and Organizing Your Inbox
      8. Copy and Paste from an Email
      9. Searching for Email Messages
      10. Fine Tuning Your Email Settings
      11. Advanced Email Options
      12. Troubleshooting Email Problems
    17. Chapter 17: Contacts and Notes
      1. Loading Your Contacts onto the iPod touch
      2. When Is Your Contact List Most Useful?
      3. Adding a New Contact on Your iPod touch
      4. Adding a Photo to Contacts
      5. Searching Your Contacts
      6. Adding Contacts from Email Messages
      7. Sending a Picture to a Contact
      8. Sending an Email Message from Contacts
      9. Showing Your Contacts Addresses on the Map
      10. Changing Your Contact Sort and Display Order
      11. Contacts Troubleshooting
      12. The Notes App
    18. Chapter 18: Calendar and Reminders
      1. Managing Your Busy Life on Your iPod touch
      2. Adding New Calendar Events
      3. Using Copy and Paste Between the Email and Calendar Apps
      4. Editing Appointments
      5. Calendar Options
      6. Reminders
      7. Completing Reminders
      8. Editing Reminders
      9. Adding a New List
      10. Moving and Deleting Lists
      11. Reminders Options
    19. Chapter 19: Working with Photos
      1. Using the Camera App
      2. Getting Photos onto Your iPod touch
      3. Viewing Your Photos
      4. Working with Individual Pictures
      5. Zooming in and out of Pictures
      6. Viewing a Slideshow
      7. Using a Picture As Your iPod touch Wallpaper
      8. Emailing or Tweeting a Picture
      9. Share, Copy, Print, or Delete Several Pictures at Once
      10. Assigning a Picture to a Contact
      11. Viewing a Photo on Your Apple TV
      12. Downloading Pictures from Web Sites
    20. Chapter 20: Maps
      1. Getting Started with Maps
      2. Changing Your Map Views
      3. Searching for Anything
      4. Mapping Options
      5. Getting Directions
      6. Maps Options
    21. Chapter 21: iTunes on Your Device
      1. Getting Started with iTunes
      2. Customizing iTunes Soft Keys
      3. Finding Music with New Releases, Top Tens, and Genres
      4. iTunes U: Great Educational Content
      5. Download for Offline Viewing
      6. Searching iTunes
      7. Purchasing or Renting Music, Videos, Podcasts, and More
      8. Podcasts in iTunes
      9. Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card
      10. Ping
    22. Chapter 22: The Amazing App Store
      1. Learning More About Apps and the App Store
      2. App Store Basics
      3. Finding an App to Download
      4. Downloading an App
      5. Redeeming Gift Cards or iTunes Codes
      6. Maintaining and Updating Your Apps
      7. Automatic Downloads
      8. Other App Store Settings
    23. Chapter 23: Games and Fun
      1. Using the iPod touch As a Gaming Device
      2. Other Fun Stuff: Baseball
    24. Chapter 24: Social Networking
      1. Facebook
      2. LinkedIn
      3. Twitter
      4. Setting up Twitter
    25. Chapter 25: Troubleshooting
      1. Basic Troubleshooting
      2. Advanced Troubleshooting
      3. Additional Troubleshooting and Help Resources
  11. Index

Product information

  • Title: iPod touch Made Simple, iOS 5 Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430237143