In which we examine persuasion techniques
that may be described as high pressure,
but then don’t we need a little pressure to
ome persuasion techniques could be seen as represent-
ing pressure – the prospect is not going to get away
easily. No one in todays world would buy a book called The
High Pressure Salespersons’ Handbook but can I play devils
advocate for a moment. Why wouldnt they? Tell me exactly
what is wrong with a bit of pressure? Who are you and why
are you reading this book?
Maybe you are reading this book to just be a more
persuasive person. If that is the case you will notice that
these simple formulas give a structure and intent. Most
people do not conduct intentional conversations that are
planned to achieve a defined outcome – cold, calculating,
maybe, but thats what is needed to stay in control. I think
that I’m quite a reasonable chess player but my son bought
me a fiendish pocket chess computer. When the game starts,
if you really concentrate, you can get this thing on the run
but as you tire and think of other things, this beastly thing
starts to get up to stuff. It has its plan and it relentlessly
CSBK004-14.indd 157CSBK004-14.indd 157 5/22/10 1:01:37 PM5/22/10 1:01:37 PM
works it. I get whupped nearly every time and only by unin-
terrupted concentration and attention can I beat it. Its not
clever, its persistent and single minded – try a bit of that
and transform your life.
Maybe you’re a super salesperson who negotiates mega
deals on a global basis. Examine your last half dozen
commercial conversations – did you have a clear desti-
nation in mind, did you know where your subject was as
regards to being persuaded, and did you come away with
clear and measurable progress towards what you wanted
(not V. Interested). How was your PowerPoint show – did it
work A.I.D.A.? I bet it didnt.
Or perhaps you are reading this book because you have a
small business, or things that you need more yes’s to in order
to make a decent living. Well, forget all the moral judg-
ments and intellectual arguments and take these little state-
ments from the past on board: PRODUCTION MINUS
ing else, take the section on A.I.D.A. at face value and work
it as it is, as a script, and just like the crude old salespeople
of old, your sales will increase beyond your wildest dreams.
Once you are rich and happy you can do ‘subtle’. Just for
starters, go out and ask people to buy things – and that
takes us nicely to closing techniques.
Check Before Closing
The whole point of the exercise, in truth this book itself, is
to get a positive and anticipated outcome from interaction
with another person. We have detected some buying signals
and we have dealt with the objections. Just before we actu-
ally get the decision that we want, we must clear the decks of
our debris or wreckage from the preliminary skirmishes. So a
quick check through moves us forward nicely to our goal. A
mental checklist will make sure things are ready to close.
Did I hear and completely understand the obstacles that
are in the other persons mind?
CSBK004-14.indd 158CSBK004-14.indd 158 5/22/10 1:01:37 PM5/22/10 1:01:37 PM

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