meet so many eager, talented people who somehow just
fail to reach their potential or to achieve their dreams.
Then, on the other hand, I meet others who seem to have
far more wealth, success or fame than they deserve. I know
you are full of good things, you have talents that you would
love a chance to use, ideas that you feel would benefit all
those who took them up, but somehow luck doesnt seem to
come your way. Well guess what? Luck doesnt come into it.
When you see those vacuous celebs who are just rich and
famous simply for being famous, the Press describe them
as, “self promoting”. That is the key. That is what they do.
They promote themselves. They dont wait like us mortals to
be promoted, they ‘persuade others of their value. However
shallow these celebrities may seem, they have their journey
clearly planned. They intend to succeed. No conversation or
discussion is wasted, no opportunity is lost, and when there
is a queue they are at the front of it.
Persuasion is about intent. When you are persuasive you
have conversations with an intended outcome. You will use
strategy and plan an outcome that you want. It is a very
rare thing to do and if you can master the skills required
you will get those lost chances you feel you deserve. The
only time we seem to do it naturally is when we are look-
ing for romance. We see someone we fancy, we talk about
the weather, the band, our home town, and about their
interests – and we laugh at their jokes. Then, if we feel we
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are making progress, we discuss an opportunity for another
meeting. All of this flim flam is to hide our true objective –
you know what that is and the rest is window dressing as
we work towards our goal with intent. So is it the one who
leads the way, makes the running, and tells the story, the
one who wins? No, not always. They say a man chases a
woman until she catches him, not with the gift of the gab
but with the gift of the earhole. The winner is the one with
the desire, the intent, and the power to persuade.
I would so love you to benefit from reading this book, it
would delight and thrill me even if all it did was give you
the opportunities that you deserve but have missed simply
because you have failed to persuade.
With that nugget, I feel that it is about time for me to
ride off into the sunset. Just let me leave you with these
If you can persuade anybody to do anything, there is
nothing in life you cannot have.
Just make sure you are in control of the whole process.
If you can see it as a journey, that can be most helpful.
Be clear of your destination.
Understand the obstacles you will encounter.
Do not underestimate the distance.
Recognize landmarks along the way.
Have a clear honest map that includes a beginning and
an end.
Make sure you are properly equipped for every eventu-
CSBK004-21.indd 242CSBK004-21.indd 242 5/22/10 1:04:30 PM5/22/10 1:04:30 PM

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