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IS-IS: Deployment in IP Networks

Book Description

IS-IS, the Intermediate System to Intermediate System protocol, has been used effectively as a routing protocol for many large-scale networks, including service provider backbone, telephone system management, and power equipment networks. Used in conjunction with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), IS-IS offers Internet Service Providers and the administrators of other large networks advanced flexibility and scalability. As a result, the number of complex networks employing the IS-IS protocol has grown tremendously.

IS-IS: Deployment in IP Networks is a hands-on guide for network engineers deploying, maintaining, and building IS-IS networks. Based on both the best practices of current implementations and the specifications of the protocol, IS-IS provides highly valuable configuration examples using Cisco IOS Software combined with real-life, expert descriptions, analysis, and advice. Readers will also find case studies and operational theory about this powerful and popular routing protocol.

Coverage includes:

  • A historical perspective on OSI protocols and addressing

  • Neighbor discovery, relationships, and pseudonodes

  • Flooding mechanisms, timers, and tuner timing

  • The division of the routing domain

  • Hierarchical network design and IS-IS deployment

  • The interaction between IS-IS and MPLS

  • Protocol enhancements, including dynamic host names, back door links, interaction with RPR, non-stop forwarding, and multitopology routing

  • Examining the IS-IS protocol from its origins to the most recent innovations, this book covers all of the protocol's pieces, packets, deployment strategies, and issues. It is a valuable resource for networking students preparing for the CCIE® (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) exam.