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iSeries Access for Web V5R2 and WebSphere Host Publisher V4.0

Book Description

iSeries Access for Web (5722-XH2) - the latest offering in the iSeries Access Family (5722-XW1) product - offers Web browser-based access to IBM eServer iSeries servers. iSeries Access for Web helps leverage business information, applications, and resources across an enterprise by extending the iSeries resources to the client desktop through a Web browser.

IBM WebSphere Host Publisher 4.0 (5724-B81) can modernize host applications or replace traditional character-based interfaces with a Web look and feel. These host applications can run directly from any standard Web browser. Host Publisher integrates multiple sources of data, including host and database applications, into a single Web page with no change to backend applications.

Host Publisher and Host Publisher Studio have been bundled with the iSeries Access for Web product to provide a complete Web-to-host integration solution.

This IBM Redbooks publication is designed for basic-level users who want to use iSeries Access for Web V5R2 or WebSphere Host Publisher V4.0. It shows you how to install and use iSeries Access for Web and WebSphere Host Publisher on the iSeries server through several example applications. It summarizes the Web-to-host products. Then it presents various circumstances to help you decide which product to choose when you consider integrating enterprise data into the Web.

Table of Contents

  1. Notices
    1. Trademarks
  2. Preface
    1. The team that wrote this redbook
    2. Become a published author
    3. Comments welcome
  3. Chapter 1: iSeries Access for Web V5R2 and WebSphere Host Publisher V4.0
    1. Today’s environment
    2. Internet connectivity
    3. WebSphere software products
    4. iSeries platform
    5. What is iSeries Access for Web
      1. What is new in iSeries Access for Web V5R2
    6. What is WebSphere Host Publisher
      1. What is new in Host Publisher V4.0
    7. Host Access products
      1. Host Access Client Package
      2. WebSphere Development Studio
      3. iSeries Access Family
      4. WebSphere Host Integration Solution
    8. Summary
  4. Chapter 2: Setting up iSeries Access for Web
    1. iSeries server requirements
      1. iSeries hardware requirements
      2. Software requirements
      3. Software considerations
    2. Web browser requirements
    3. Setup overview
    4. Migration
    5. Connecting to multiple iSeries servers
    6. Setting up a secure iSeries connection
  5. Chapter 3: Using iSeries Access for Web
    1. The iSeries Access for Web home page
    2. iSeries Access for Web functions
      1. My Folder
      2. Mail
      3. Print
      4. Messages
      5. Jobs
      6. 5250
      7. Database
      8. Files
      9. Command
      10. Customize
      11. Other
      12. General
    3. iSeries Access for Web policies and preferences
      1. Restricting functions
      2. List customization
      3. Library filters
      4. Preferences
    4. Customizing users and groups
    5. Home page and template file customization
      1. Creating files
      2. Serving images
      3. Template example
      4. Home page example: Customer view
      5. Home page example: Administrator view
    6. Troubleshooting
  6. Chapter 4: The iSeries Access for Web V5R2 5250 interface
    1. Comparing the V5R2 interface and XML Gateway
    2. Starting a 5250 session
    3. Configuring sessions
      1. Configuration options
    4. Usage
      1. Synchronize
      2. My Macros
      3. My Keypads
      4. Cursor positioning
      5. Active sessions
      6. Limiting functionality
    5. 5250 shortcut
    6. Where to find more information
  7. Chapter 5: Installation and administration of WebSphere Host Publisher Server
    1. Hardware and software requirements
      1. Hardware requirements
      2. Software requirements
      3. Host Publisher Studio
    2. Installing and uninstalling Host Publisher Server
      1. Preliminary considerations
      2. Installing Host Publisher Server
      3. Installing Host Publisher Studio
      4. Saving and restoring Host Publisher Server
      5. Uninstalling Host Publisher Server
      6. Uninstalling Host Publisher Studio
    3. Using Host Publisher Server Administration
      1. Starting the Host Publisher Server Administration
      2. Using the functions in Host Publisher Server Administration
    4. Migrating applications and XML Gateway sessions
      1. Using the migration utility in Host Publisher Studio
      2. Migrating applications on the server
  8. Chapter 6: Using Host Publisher Studio to develop J2EE applications
    1. Overview of Host Publisher applications
    2. Integration Objects
      1. Interacting with a data source
      2. Defining connection pools
      3. Information specified in a connection pool
      4. Enabling and disabling connection pooling
      5. User lists
    3. Creating a Host Access Integration Object
      1. Building an Integration Object using macros
      2. Sample scenario
    4. Creating a Database Access Integration Object
      1. Integration Objects overview
      2. Sample scenario
    5. Application Integrator
      1. Specifying Integration Objects to publish to the application server
      2. Using the Application Integrator wizards
      3. Transferring applications to a Host Publisher Server
      4. Deploying the application on WebSphere Application Server
    6. Creating composite applications
    7. Enterprise JavaBeans support
      1. Understanding EJB support in Host Publisher
      2. Creating EJB support files for Integration Objects
      3. Accessing Host Publisher EJB from local JSPs
      4. Creating a Host Publisher application using EJB access beans
    8. Web Services overview
      1. Host Publisher V4.0 Web Services support
      2. Creating and deploying a Web Service
      3. Accessing Host Publisher from a remote machine using Web Services
      4. Specifying properties for Web Services Integration Objects
      5. Creating Web Services support in Host Publisher Studio
      6. Creating Web Services in WebSphere Studio Application Developer with Host Publisher Web Ser...
    9. Application Integrator Advanced
      1. Creating a new application for EJB or Web Services
      2. Deploying Enterprise JavaBeans
      3. Transferring applications to a Host Publisher Server
      4. Deploying the application on WebSphere Application Server
    10. Host Publisher Portlet
    11. WebSphere Studio Application Developer Web Services limitations
    12. References
      1. Host Publisher Studio and Server
      2. WebSphere Application Server for iSeries
      3. EJB
      4. Web Services
      5. Portlet
    13. Summary
  9. Chapter 7: iSeries Access for Web and Host Publisher integration
    1. Integration example
    2. Where to find more information
  10. Chapter 8: A comparison of Web-to-host integration tools
    1. Overview of the Web-to-host solutions
    2. Host Access Client Package for iSeries Version 2.0
      1. IBM Personal Communications for Windows Version 5.5
      2. WebSphere Host On-Demand Version 6.0
      3. IBM Screen Customizer Version 2.0.60
    3. WebSphere Development Studio
      1. Host components
      2. Workstation components
      3. WebSphere Studio Professional Edition
      4. WebFacing Tool
    4. iSeries Access Family
      1. iSeries Access for Windows
      2. iSeries Access for Wireless
      3. iSeries Access for Web
      4. WebSphere Host Publisher
    5. WebSphere Host Integration Solution
    6. Comparison
      1. WebSphere Host Publisher V4.0
      2. WebFacing
      3. Host On-Demand
      4. Screen Customizer
      5. iSeries Access for Web
      6. Putting it all together
  11. Appendix A: Configuring the Domino HTTP Server for iSeries Access for Web
    1. Updating the Domino Server Document
    2. Updating the Domino server’s notes.ini file
    3. Restarting the Domino server’s HTTP task
  12. Appendix B: Additional information on Host Publisher
    1. Host Publisher installation log
    2. Host Publisher configuration information
    3. Host Publisher version information
    4. Host Publisher documentation
  13. Appendix C: Language support
  14. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
      1. Other resources
    2. Referenced Web sites
    3. How to get IBM Redbooks
      1. IBM Redbooks collections
  15. Index
  16. Back cover