76 iSeries Access for Web V5R2 and WebSphere Host Publisher V4.0
Monitor jobs
This link displays the list of active jobs for the current user. The administrator could monitor
the job list to check the status of the save library batch job. See Figure 3-66.
Figure 3-66 Viewing the active jobs
3.6 Troubleshooting
This section offers helpful information for troubleshooting policies related to the *PUBLIC
group profile and user and group profile.
*PUBLIC group profile
Administrators may have changed a setting within the *PUBLIC group profile only to find they
need this function. The section shows a simple example with the *PUBLIC group profile.
The navigation bar policy action changed to hide on group profile *PUBLIC. This policy
change affected all iSeries Access for Web users. To restore the Customize page, enter the
following URL in a browser:
Select General and edit the navigation bar policy.
This example also demonstrates the ability to call the Java Servlet directly. The ability is
available until a user or group profile is denied the function.
Chapter 3. Using iSeries Access for Web 77
User and Group profiles
Administrators may have defined a group profile with policies implemented but users continue
to have access to denied functions. This section explains reviewing the user profile policies.
A group profile has been defined with policies implemented. You discover a user still has
access to a denied function. Follow these steps:
1. Display the policy not enforced at the user-profile level.
2. Ensure the Derived from column states
Group-<Group Name>.
3. If the Derived from column states
Profile setting, select Reset to default from the Action
The Derived from column changes to Group-<Group Name>.
78 iSeries Access for Web V5R2 and WebSphere Host Publisher V4.0

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