The anatomy of a cog

For the IGWEB project, we will be creating cogs in the $IGWEB_APP_ROOT/shared/cogs folder. You can take a peek at the time ago cog, whose implementation is found in the $IGWEB_APP_ROOT/shared/cogs/timeago folder, as you read through this section, to see a tangible implementation of the concepts presented herein. 

For the purposes of illustration only, we are going to walk you through the process of creating a simple cog called widget.

The project structure for the widget cog contained within the widget folder is organized in the following manner:

  ⁃ widget    ⁃ widget.go    ⁃ templates    ⁃ widget.tmpl

The widget.go source file will contain the implementation for the widget cog.

The templates folder contains the template source ...

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