Running Docker compose

We issue the following command to build the services:

$ docker-compose build

Here's the output of running the docker-compose build command (some part of the output has been omitted for brevity):

database uses an image, skippingBuilding webappStep 1/22 : FROM golang ---> 99e596fc807eStep 2/22 : MAINTAINER Kamesh Balasubramanian ---> Running in 107a99d5c4ee ---> 6facac83509eRemoving intermediate container 107a99d5c4eeStep 3/22 : ENV IGWEB_APP_ROOT /go/src/ ---> Running in f009d8391fc4 ---> ec1b1d15c6c3Removing intermediate container f009d8391fc4Step 4/22 : ENV IGWEB_DB_CONNECTION_STRING "database:6379" ---> Running in 2af5e98c71e2 ---> 6748f0f5bc4dRemoving intermediate ...

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