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It All Begins with the Music: Developing Successful Artists and Careers for the New Music Business

Book Description

The music industry is a worldwide business that generates more than 40 billion dollars each year. If you are looking to make your mark and grab a piece of this fortune, this is the book for you. It All Begins with the Music: Developing Successful Artists and Careers for the New Music Business offers practical information, career blueprints, and a world of wisdom for aspiring artists, managers, and executives on how to make an impact in today's music business. It provides a comprehensive examination of the new methods by which recording artists are discovered, developed, and nurtured in the modern music industry. Anyone can benefit, from potential recording artists and performers, to aspirants and professionals in artist management, major and independent music distribution channels, producers, agents, publicists, PR and marketing representatives, and music publishers. You'll find priceless behind-the-scenes information distilled from interviews with artists, managers, and executives at the forefront of the new music business. Get the insider tips you need, and begin your successful career in music today!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Authors
  4. Preface: Dan Kimpel
    1. From the Van to the Dan
    2. Music Biz 101
  5. Preface: Don Grierson
  6. Introduction
    1. Why This Book?
  7. 1. The Songwriter
    1. Kara DioGuardi: Integrity Time
      1. Song Goddess
      2. Background Check
      3. Casting Lots at Warners
      4. Laze & Royal
      5. Jason Reeves: Heart on Sleeve
      6. Signing Story
    2. Billy Steinberg: A Hit Songwriter’s True Colors
      1. Riding with Roy
      2. Cover Me
      3. Strengths in Song
    3. Diane Warren
      1. View from the Valley
      2. Office Time
      3. A State of Great
    4. Keith Stegall: Rebel on the Row
      1. Hot Man on the Bandstand
      2. Into the Mix
      3. Spotlights and Cat Fights
    5. Lauren Christy: Baby, Remember Her Name
      1. Crawling with Susie Reptile
      2. Meet The Matrix
      3. Sandy Says
      4. Cutting Korn
      5. Music in the Mill
    6. Tom Shapiro: Turn Right on Music Row
      1. Nashville Bound
      2. Hooked on Hooks
    7. Pam Sheyne: Collaborative Confluence
      1. A Nudge from Nigel
      2. Prose with a Purpose
      3. Naked in the Writing Room
  8. 2. The Artist
    1. Gene Simmons: The KISS of Money
      1. Back in the Day
      2. Wicked Lester Left to Fester
      3. Merchandise and the Media
      4. Rules and Tools
    2. Heart: The Musical Pulse of the Wilson Sisters
      1. A Flicker of the Future
      2. Feminine Wiles
      3. Eighties Ladies
      4. New Beats from Heart
    3. Joe Cocker: Soul Master
      1. Pub Rub
      2. Songs Sustain
      3. Long Time
    4. Death Cab for Cutie: Indie Band Speeds to New Destinations
      1. Refining the Straight Job
      2. Independence Days
      3. Seattle Sonics
    5. Sara Bareilles: Between the Lines
      1. My Fair Lady
      2. Big Choices and Little Voice
      3. The Soul of the Song
      4. Sonic Sense
      5. Essential Trust
    6. Karmina: The Kiss of Persistence
      1. Teen Dreams
      2. School of Thought
      3. Live Time
      4. Beholding the Beauty
    7. Kyler England: An Artist of Independent Means
      1. Fan Land in Cyberspace
      2. Concerts in the House
      3. Studio Matrimony
      4. Networking Notions
      5. Last Chorus
    8. James Lee Stanley: Trail of the Troubadour
      1. Market Shares
      2. Stones Roll
      3. On the Road Again
      4. The Heart for the Art
    9. John Legend
  9. 3. The A&R Exec/The Label
    1. Tony Ferguson: Attributes of A&R
      1. Raising the Scope at Interscope
      2. A&R Roles
      3. To the Bank
    2. Diarmuid Quinn: Major Label Music
      1. Ozzy at the Gate
      2. 360 + 5
      3. Major Clout
    3. Brian Postelle: The Urban Agenda
      1. Eminem Eminence
      2. Change Rearrange
      3. Signing Power
    4. John Janick: Using the Noodle
      1. Gaining in Gainesville
      2. DIY Ethics
      3. Falling into Fall Out Boy
      4. Swimming Upstream into the 360 Deal
      5. The A&R Ears and the Righteousness Card
    5. Diane Meltzer: Winding Up with Wind-up
      1. Origins and Oracles
      2. Seed with Creed/Rockers from Little Rock
      3. Bringing Up the Band
      4. Listen to the Lions
    6. Joe Galante: Nashville Cat
      1. Hit Chorus
      2. Image and Integrity
    7. Steve Greenberg: Veering on the S-Curve
      1. Hits from the Doghouse
      2. No Stone Unturned
      3. The One That Got Away
      4. S-Curve Curves Back
    8. Doug Howard: Branding the Country
      1. Getting Tan with Rascal Flatts
      2. SHeDAISY: Musical Gardens
      3. Blinded by Beatles
      4. State of the Country
      5. No Heels, These Flatts
    9. Michael Laskow: Fueling Up on Songs with Taxi
      1. Oiling Up the Ideas
      2. Convention Attention
      3. Taxi Fare
  10. 4. The Producer
    1. Rick Nowels: “Green Light” and a “White Flag”
      1. End of the Era
    2. Howard Benson: Heavy Music
      1. The Intimidation Room
      2. Open Ears, Open Wallets
      3. Breaking the Band
      4. Breaking Glass
    3. Richie Zito: Behind the Glass
      1. Founding Fathers
      2. Live Nation
      3. Trick Tosses the Tape
    4. Dave Sardy: The Producer and the Paradigm
      1. Inspiration Mediation
      2. 80 and Counting
      3. Out of Tune, Out of Time
      4. Dandy Warhols and Marilyn Manson at the Oasis
      5. New Dues
    5. Ted Bruner: The Long Road In
      1. A Co-Writing Kiss with Katy Perry
      2. Respect and Renewal
    6. Rodney Jerkins: Soul of the Darkchild
      1. The Gospel Road
      2. Bring in the Singers
      3. A Shot of Brandy
      4. Mississippi Ministerial
    7. Kenny Aronoff: Brilliance in the Beat
      1. The Swing Thing
      2. Stage to Studio
      3. Educated Notions
      4. Pick Up the Sticks
  11. 5. The Mixer
    1. Manny Marroquin: Above Board
      1. Master of the Mix
      2. Dance to the Music
      3. The Mystery of Music History
    2. Phil Tan: Golden Faders
      1. New School and Pro Tools
      2. In the Mix
    3. DJ Escape/DJ Johnny Vicious: Fire on the Dance Floor
      1. Anatomy of a Remix
      2. Bodies on the Dance Floor
      3. From Beat One
    4. Karmatronic: The Big Beat from Budapest
      1. Borderless Sounds
      2. Label Copy
      3. Clubland
  12. 6. The Manager
    1. Jim Guerinot: Managing the Music
      1. Hands on the Talent
      2. Image Consultant
      3. MySpace Is No Place
      4. So You Wanna Be in the Biz?
    2. Sandy Roberton: Piloting Projects to World’s End
      1. Signing the Perfect Storm
      2. Thunder Down Under
      3. Advice and Consent
    3. Jeff Rabhan: Career Orchestrations
      1. The Talent Vortex
      2. In Rhyme with the Times
      3. Closing Chorus
    4. Michael Lippman: A Manager’s Enduring Faith
      1. Michael Row the Boat
      2. Lighting Up with Matchbox Twenty
      3. Indelible Images
      4. Perseverance Platitudes
    5. Kelly Curtis: In and Out of Pearl Jams
      1. Broken Bones
      2. Corporate Climates
      3. The J Way
      4. Live
    6. John Greenberg and Bryan Coleman: Dollars on the Nickelback
      1. Majors in the Shadows
      2. Tuned In
      3. Nickelback: Change from the North
      4. One Nation Undersigned
      5. Nickelback Has Left the Auditorium
    7. Edwin Morales: Blazing Beats from Mean Streets
      1. Track Records
      2. Sounds from LaLa Land
  13. 7. Film/TV
    1. Can You Picture This? The Film and Television Music Overview
    2. Karen Lamberton: Perfect Placement
      1. Lots of Slots from Sony
      2. Fees, Please
      3. Perpetrating Passion
    3. Monica Benson: Writing the BOK
    4. Michael Eames: The PEN Is Mightier
    5. Line of Fire: Music Supervisors
    6. Alexandra Patsavas: Cuts at the Chop Shop
      1. Chop Shop on the Block
      2. Label Stable
      3. Chop Shop Rock
    7. Andy Hill
      1. Miles of Styles
    8. Robin Kaye: Placements with a Purpose
      1. Time Keeps on Ticking
      2. Indie or Major Music
      3. Breaking News
      4. Dollars = Sense
    9. Levi Kreis: For Kreis’ Sake
    10. Joel Evans: Making the Screen Swing
    11. Aaron Zigman Composes Himself
      1. Setting the Scoring Stage
    12. Gustavo Santaolalla: Rocking the Oscars
    13. Randy Edelman: Images in Ivory
    14. Carter Burwell: Sounds of Twilight
    15. Jeff Beal: Sounds of the Clean Slate
    16. Mike Knobloch: Sounds on the Lot
      1. Curveballs
      2. Directorial Decisions
      3. Sync Sense
      4. Aspiring Hiring
  14. 8. The Lawyer
    1. Andy Tavel: Shifting Currents in the Revenue Streams
      1. Deals for Real
      2. The Disney Dollars
      3. The Glory of the Story
    2. Dina LaPolt: Legal Language
      1. Booking the Thrash
      2. Bringing Up the Artist
      3. The Band with a Brand
      4. Spinning the 360 Deal
    3. Ben McLane: Law and Loyalty
      1. The Signing Buzz
      2. What the Act Can Do
      3. Deals These Daze
      4. Essential Alchemy
    4. Owen Sloane: The Dotted Line
      1. Deals Go Down
      2. iTunes Are Your Tunes
      3. Band with the Brand
      4. In the Vein of Lil Wayne
      5. Negotiation Communication
  15. 9. New Days, New Directions, New Ideas
    1. Kevin Day: Rocket Science Lifts Off
      1. Online Alchemy
      2. Retro Radio
      3. Selling the Passion
      4. Executive Madness
    2. Rob Light: Illuminated Agent
      1. Managing Mavens
      2. Butts in the Seats
      3. From Major to Minor
      4. Signing Status
    3. Bob Mercer: Building the Brand
      1. Considered Opinions
      2. Online Exposure
      3. When the Going Gets Tough
      4. Distinctive Directives
    4. Hunter Scott: Inspired Entrepreneur
      1. Investor Investigation
      2. Bridge to the Bands
    5. Gary Stewart: Gospel of a Music Fanatic
      1. Online Music
    6. Ted Cohen: Digital Dominion
      1. Evil Powers and Clueless Kids
      2. The Connection
    7. Kim Burse: Imagining the Image
      1. Bouncing with Beyoncé
      2. Expanding Parameters
    8. John Alexander: Facilitating the Muse
      1. North of the Border
      2. Performing Rights and Artist Development
      3. Meet Sara Haze
      4. ASCAP and BMI
    9. Neil Portnow: Grammy Gold
      1. The View from Behind the Desk
      2. Jive Talking
      3. Young Blood
      4. Music’s Biggest Night
    10. Rich Esra: A&R Insider
      1. Slipping on Pink Slips
      2. Conventional Thinking
      3. Casting the Internet
      4. If the Shoe Fits
    11. Jason Bentley: Eclectic Airwaves
      1. Air Checks and Laptops
      2. Influential Potential
    12. Kenny Kerner: Straight Shots
      1. The Big KISS
      2. Manager as Dictator
      3. Education Situation
  16. 10. The Publisher
    1. Danny Strick: Strictly Speaking
      1. The Signability Signature
      2. Ring Tone Revolution and the Guitar Hero
      3. Final Coda
    2. Kenny McPherson: Sounds from the Cocoon
      1. The Light of Ray
      2. Image Confab
      3. Balance of the Biz
    3. Gary Overton: Country Follows Pop
      1. Ears and Eyes for EMI
      2. Dotted Lines Songwriters Sign
      3. Biz Builds Buzz Online
      4. Pop Goes the Country
      5. Reviled in the Roadhouse
    4. Paul Morgan: Publishing Powers
      1. Cherry Picking
      2. Good Gad
      3. The Perfect Song
  17. 11. The Performing Rights Organization
    1. Del Bryant: View from Nashville
      1. Genius Genealogy
      2. Music City Origins
      3. Career Directions
      4. Coming Up in the Biz
    2. The ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO: Empowering Songwriters and Composers
      1. EXPO Evolves
      2. Beyond Songwriting 101
      3. Compose Yourself
      4. Fast Tracks and Individual Attention
      5. Biz Realities
      6. Final Thoughts
    3. SESAC: Foreseeing the Future of Performing Rights
  18. 12. The American Idol
    1. Debra Byrd: Flying with American Idol
      1. Season Sensations
      2. Cooking with David
      3. From the Stage to the Studio
      4. Beyond the Voice
    2. Kellie Pickler: American Idol’s Small-Town Sweetheart
      1. Time Travel
      2. Behind the Glass
      3. Just Rewards
    3. Jon Peter Lewis: Singing for the Stars
      1. Post-Idol Possibilities
      2. Office Hours
      3. Three Words
    4. Elliot Yamin: The “Anything’s Possible” Poster Child
      1. Idolization
      2. Grassroots Revelations
      3. A Single Sees the Light of Day
      4. Tenacity and Triumph
  19. 13. Music as the International Language
    1. Sat Bisla: Mapping the Muse
      1. Globally Challenged Visions
      2. Beyond Clear Channel
      3. All Around the World
      4. International Appeal
    2. David Stark: International Connections
      1. Northern Lights
      2. Transatlantic Ties
      3. Genie Genius
      4. Highly Contested
      5. Why Not Your Song?
    3. Yenn: Pop’s New Directives
      1. Passport to the Promised Land
      2. Mediums and Messages
    4. Haikaa: Sailing on the Ocean with No Map
      1. All Over the Map
      2. Wrapping Arms Around the World
    5. Derek Bramble: Rhymes and Bass Lines
      1. International Appeal
      2. The Fame Game
      3. Ch-Ch-Changes