7Written in Stone

Step 4: The Power of “I Will” Statements

When you determine what your “all” is, then it will become essential for you to dive headfirst into the “I will” business and rapidly depart the limiting world of “I might,” “I could,” and “I know I should.” Understanding that “It All Matters” is about focusing your daily actions and efforts on the truly meaningful activities that will bring you happiness, joy, peace of mind, and ultimately, success.

Laying claim to success is about accepting that every action you take matters. Your mindset, your thoughts, your attitude, your enthusiasm, your dedication, your determination, your discipline, and your habits all matter. We have the power to achieve amazing results when we take responsibility for our own journey. The truth is that you have the capacity to accomplish any goal that you set your mind to achieving. The key is to create winning habit patterns and add in the courage, commitment, and consistency required to complete what you start.

Day 1 in the Field

Let's flash forward to my first day in the field to reinforce this important component of goal‐setting. My “opportunity” clock went off at five o'clock in the morning. I was glad that over the course of my life I had developed the habit of getting up early. This was to be my first day in the field, and I needed those extra moments purchased by an early start to prepare for ...

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