14See Yourself Stronger Daily

The Strength Improvement Journey

There were many incredible moments during my first week at Southwestern. The unforgettable aha moment for me was learning and accepting that every individual has his or her own unique set of strengths. The people who utilized their personal strengths were more authentic, and their presentations were casually confident. The veterans who produced magnificent results for Southwestern were genuine, and they played to their specific strengths. Playing to your strengths will elevate your confidence, clarity, and certainty.

I witnessed other individuals who weren't comfortable with the process. They had a tough time delivering the presentations with any level of confidence, clarity, certainty, or creativity. Instead, what I perceived was a fear of failure and, in a few isolated cases, a sense of desperation. This is a toxic combination in a business that requires and demands that the customer is comfortable with you and your presentation style.

Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity and talent at hand.

—Bruce Barton

I have reflected back on the great individuals I worked alongside, during the summer and recognized that “the best of the best” had some common attributes that made them successful. In other words, there were a handful of attributes they all shared that contributed to their individual success. Obviously, ...

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