17The Master Key to Riches in Life

Drive, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline

I followed up my great Friday with another outstanding performance on Saturday. It's hard to imagine how quickly the tide can turn in your favor when you plug into your creativity, ask great questions, and implement new strategies. The key is to value the struggle and resolve that you will never waste a good crisis moment. These moments are the exact times in your life when you can separate yourself from the other people in your field. Inside of all of those difficult moments was an equal, if not bigger, opportunity for success. What I truly treasure is what I had learned about myself.

I learned that I was willing to get back up and dust myself off and “go on” again. I learned I was not easily discouraged when things were not going smoothly. I had developed a “double down and turn up the volume” mentality that could be traced back to my conversations with my grandfather, all those years ago in Conway, Arkansas.

Rewards by Action

As I recalled each day of the week, memories of special moments with different families came flooding back into my mind. The week had been a rollercoaster ride of emotions highlighted by my hard day on Thursday. However, our products were highly valued by the families in Milton and Hurricane, West Virginia. In fact, many of the families I had met during the summer already had their bookshelves filled with Southwestern books that they had purchased in previous years. ...

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