A Moment in Time

While sitting at a picnic table with my grandfather, George W. Cummings Sr., in Conway, Arkansas, on a beautiful summer day, one conversation completely changed the course of my life. As a young teenager, it would have been unnatural for me to think in those terms. However, looking back four decades later, that conversation was truly a defining moment in my journey that would set in motion a decision that would ultimately impact the rest of my life. It's stunning to think of it in those terms, but that one single moment in time was a tipping point. A statement, a story, a quip, a quote, a conversation, or an unexpected experience in life can be that moment, when “It” all changes for you. This was the beginning of my road to a life of confidence, clarity, certainty, and creativity.

Growing up, my grandfather was my mentor, confidant, fishing buddy, and best friend. He was a man who possessed immense knowledge, a sidesplitting sense of humor, and a multitude of life experiences that he was willing to share with his eager grandson. I loved every second that I was able to spend with my grandfather.

He shared a multitude of life lessons with me standing by the fencepost at his farm that still are present in my mind today—lessons such as “enthusiasm is an inside game with an outside reflection” or “you can't get a positive charge off a dead battery no matter how hard you try.” I will never forget the day when he told me that the age‐old saying, “You can ...

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