Part OneConfidence

Sketch showing a sunrise scene. A car is parked across the sun with a man walking toward the same holding a briefcase in the left hand and showing a thumbs-up through the right hand.

Where It All Began – Confidence

A Special Message from Charlie Collins

As a Man Thinketh was written by James Allen in 1902, and remains to this day a book filled with timeless wisdom. That very same year, George W. Cummings Sr. was born and, other than his family, friends, and the local community, his birth received very little notice. But that would all change, as he, too, would leave behind a legacy of timeless truths and wisdom to encourage and inspire many future generations.

I met Paul Cummings for the very first time in the spring of 1975. At age 23, after selling books with Southwestern for five summers myself, I was a sales manager of a hundred people who were a lot like Paul…or so I had thought.

Check that: There are very few people like Paul. When I first met him, he was a brash, talented, and passionate young man. And yes, over the past 40 years he has changed some, but only in the refining and maturing that all men need. He has never lost his passion, and is still committed to making a difference in this world. If you will take these timeless truths to heart, and act on them, you will benefit more than you know.

Paul was blessed to have such a wise grandfather, who took the time to impart his experience and wisdom to his beloved grandson. In this book, Paul, now a grandfather himself, will give you the opportunity to accelerate your own life ...

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