Part FourCreativity

Sketch showing a man on his knees breaking the shackles that bound his hands.

I Will Be Creative

A Special Message from Wade von Bibra

Paul Cummings has a rare and unique ability to impart his knowledge to each and every individual he meets in a way that resonates and drives personal change…always for the better!

I've known Paul for over 10 years. During my first experience listening to him, he “lifted the roof” off a convention center during one of his educational speaking engagements, and I knew that he could add significant value to our company's culture, values, and our performance. Since that time, Paul has been working directly with our company, educating and training all of our team, whether it's sales executives, managers, business managers, administrative clerks, motor technicians, or any other role in our organization. He has helped us create a business culture that truly values its people and aspires to achieve a level of service that is beyond all expectations in our community. He doesn't just motivate a team for a day or week, he finds a way to spark a desire in each individual to be the very the best version of themselves, permanently. Paul has given me the confidence, clarity, certainty, and creativity to lead our business on a growth curve that will see us triple the size of our business in five years.

It All Matters contains so much content that it should be a part of our education curriculum, from children aged ...

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