Chapter 20

Ten “Low-Hanging Fruit” Opportunities

In This Chapter

Reducing and consolidating extra resources

Taking advantage of technology with updates, upgrades, and more

Thinking green to save money

Enterprise architectural projects encounter many obstacles, from lack of support to long implementation cycles. Beginning an enterprise-wide architectural project portfolio is a time-consuming and difficult process, which must find a way to prove its worth as early as possible.

In this chapter, we identify a few of the enterprise strategies that can provide a rapid return on investment. These ten “low-hanging fruit” opportunities may present themselves during an enterprise architecture project.

Eliminate Resource Silos

Perhaps not the “lowest-hanging fruit” possible, eliminating resource silos and breaking down barriers between elements of your extended enterprise will provide the greatest payout by making many other projects possible. Although technical administrators may fight tooth and nail to retain control over “their” silos, each segment of the network is a barrier to efficiency and service advancement.

Silos prevent effective resource sharing, isolate both services and technical support, and create costly undesirable redundancies. By starting this project early, you’ll be able to better implement any later changes and policies enterprise-wide.

Standardize the Workstation Environment

Take a look at the workstations in your enterprise. If a clear majority of them have the same ...

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