Disasters of many kinds strike organizations around the world on an almost daily basis. But most of these disasters never make the news headlines because they occur at the local level. You probably hear about disastrous events that occur in or near your community—fires, floods, landslides, civil unrest, and so on—that affect local businesses, sometimes in devastating ways. Larger disasters affect wide areas and result in widespread damage, evacuations, and loss of life, and can make you feel numb at times because of the sheer scale of their effects.

This book is about the survival of business IT systems in the face of these disasters through preparation and response. You're largely powerless to stop the disasters themselves, and even if you can get out of their way, you can rarely escape their effects altogether. Disasters, by their very nature, disrupt everything within their reach.

Your organization can plan for these disasters and take steps to assure your critical IT systems survive. This book shows you how to prepare.

About This Book

IT Disaster Recovery Planning For Dummies contains a common and time-proven methodology that can help you prepare your organization for disaster.

My goals are simple—to help you plan for and prepare your systems, processes, and people for an organized response to a disaster when it strikes. You can make your systems more resilient, meaning you'll need less effort to recover them after a disaster. By using this book as a guide, you can journey ...

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