Q: Question 8

Which of the following are represented by the two Es of PESTLE?

(i) External factors.

(ii) Environment factors.

(iii) Economic factors.

(iv) External events.

(a) ii, iii.

(b) i, iii.

(c) i, iv.

(d) ii, iv.

A: Discussion

All of the factors in PEST and PESTLE are external factors but the E represents the individual factors. The economic factors are represented by the E of PEST, the original formulation. Environment was added later with legal to form PESTLE.

Q: Question 9

Businesses are motivated by different targets at different levels within the organisation. Which of the following best represents a top-down sequential description of these motivations?

(a) Mission, objective, strategy.

(b) Strategy, mission, objective. ...

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