List of figures and tables

Figure 1.1IT-enabled business change1
Figure 1.2Business process3
Figure 1.3IT-enabled business change roles6
Figure 2.1IT-enabled business change life cycle14
Figure 2.2Stakeholder analysis18
Figure 3.1Alignment perspectives32
Figure 3.2SWOT analysis34
Figure 3.3Generic strategies35
Figure 3.4Sample value chain37
Figure 3.5Heat map47
Figure 4.1Structure58
Figure 4.2System model59
Figure 4.3Options66
Figure 5.1Integrated business change design79
Figure 5.2Swimlane view of purchasing process85
Figure 5.3Swimlane view of purchasing process — future85
Figure 5.4Business information model88
Figure 5.5Information analysis89
Figure 5.6Information management model90
Figure 6.1Process and systems transition life cycle100
Figure 6.2Performance ...

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