Chapter Five Managing the Money

Money Makes the World Go ’Round.


Chapter Table of Contents

  • 1. The Budgeting Process 162
  • 2. The Difference between Capital Expenditures and Operating Expense Items 168
  • 3. Lease versus Buy: Which One Is Better? 171
  • 4. Other Budgeting Factors to Consider 173
  • 5. Managing Vendors 177
  • 6. Managing the Money during Difficult Times 184
  • 7. Outsourcing and Offshoring 187

As a manager, one of the things you have to manage is money and how your department spends it. Also, because IT departments often have one of the largest budgets in the organization, many eyes will be on your budget. This chapter will help you minimize, and deal with, the raised eyebrows over all those eyes. In the pages that follow, we ...

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