Chapter 7

Getting Physical: Service Transition

In This Chapter

arrow Maintaining control of changes

arrow Knowing what assets you’ve got and where

arrow Deploying new or changed stuff

arrow Improving decision-making

arrow Planning for and supporting transitions

Have you ever created great plans only to discover that when you put them into action it all goes horribly wrong? What looks great on paper doesn’t necessarily work the way you planned. When it comes to IT projects, can you afford to get it wrong? To add insult to injury, you’ll probably look a bit of an idiot if all goes pear shaped. So how do you prevent this happening? By having good service transition processes, of course.

Service transition is the stage in which you build, test and implement the new service or changed service. In other words, this is where you get physical. In all, there are seven service transition processes. This chapter introduces five of them: change management; service asset and configuration management; release and deployment ...

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