Chapter 8

Making Services Work Every Day: Service Operation

In This Chapter

arrow Managing events

arrow Dealing with things that go wrong

arrow Helping the user

arrow Handling access to services

arrow Solving problems

What do you think happens in the service operation stage of the service lifecycle? Hurrah! Yes – you operate the IT services. This is where your IT services are live. Terms like live environment, production environment or operational environment all mean the same thing: the services are live and in use by your customers. So, guess what? – the services have to work as expected; they have to provide value.

When you buy a new mobile phone, what do you expect? I’m sure you expect it to work. You expect the provider to help you get connected to the phone network. You also expect it to provide help and support as and when you need it. What do you suppose the phone network provider is doing behind the scenes to ensure that you and all its other customers are getting the service they’ve paid for? I sometimes ...

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