Chapter 10

Implementing ITIL

In This Chapter

arrow Making plans to implement ITIL

arrow Working through your implementation project

arrow Designing your service management processes

arrow Seeing an implementation project in action

arrow Getting help and support from the people involved

Sometimes the core ITIL guidance can seem a bit dry. After you have an understanding of the basics of the processes and the service lifecycle, which I cover in Parts I and II, you can consider the more practical concerns of how all this ITIL stuff applies to your organisation. ITIL may look prescriptive, but it isn’t. The ITIL books provide guidance that applies to any organisation of any size. That is the power of best practice guidance that recommends processes. Not every organisation can employ lots of staff, but every organisation can adopt processes to make better use of what they’ve got. The clever bit is making ITIL work for you.

If you’re enthused by ITIL and the framework of service management processes and want to use ...

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