Chapter 16

Ten Places to Go for Help

In This Chapter

arrow Using Cabinet Office resources

arrow Getting in touch with an examination institute

arrow Seeing how other approaches can complement ITIL

Don’t bother reinventing the wheel. Many people and organisations out there have implemented ITIL or are willing to provide you with help; some are closer to home than you think. Here are ten suggestions of where to go for help.

I start this section with some general, and maybe obvious, places to go for help. Then I move on to the other organisations that can help you.

Your Colleagues

Before I bombard you with details and websites of organisations that can provide help for your ITIL implementation, I want to say a quick word or two about the blindingly obvious. I’m a great believer in keeping things simple. Help may be closer at hand than you think. You’ll be surprised how many examples of service management you find in ordinary life. Each is a useful analogy to get you thinking about how to improve your services.

example.eps Whenever I turn on the TV or radio, it’s not long before I say to myself ‘That’s a real-life ...

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