ITIL® Foundation Exam

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16+ Hours of Video Instruction

Get the extra confidence and additional training you need to earn your ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and jump forward in your IT career!


ITIL® Foundation Exam LiveLesson is a streaming video that contains more than 16 hours of instructor-led presentations in an easy-to-follow format, providing both foundational reinforcement of ITIL® Foundation Exam topics and exam preparation tips, tricks, and sample questions. The video tackles ITIL 2011’s key concepts, process activities, roles, and vocabulary found on the newest AXELOS syllabus (version 5.5), all through a fun and thorough teaching style from a leading Certified ITIL® Expert and Master Trainer. Don't be left behind by using outdated ITL V3-edition materials; ITIL® Foundation Exam LiveLessons will help ensure your success!

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS, Ltd.
IT Infrastructure Library® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS, Ltd.

About the Instructor

Jill Knapp (Certified ITIL Expert, DPSM, Master Trainer, senior consultant) is an IT service management consultant and an accredited ITIL trainer and courseware provider for clients and training companies worldwide. She is the president of Knapp I.T., Inc., a small but mighty IT service management training and consulting firm based in Delaware and New Jersey. Her fun and accessible teaching style combines her hands-on technical experience with her degree in education, and her ITIL Foundation classroom students have enjoyed a near-perfect pass rate. Join the ranks of her successful students!

Skill Level
  • All Levels

What You Will Learn

  • ITIL key concepts, vocabulary, models, roles, and relationships
  • The main processes of ITIL’s five core publications: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operations, and Continual Service Improvement
  • How these processes contribute to making an IT organization manageable, efficient, and effective
  • Memorization tricks to help you retain and recall the most challenging information
  • Strategies for tackling the exam, including tactics for breaking down questions and spotting keywords
All with Jill’s fun and well-appreciated teaching style and approach, tied to real-world examples!

Who Should Take This Course

  • Anyone studying to take the ITIL Foundations exam or who wants to learn more about ITIL

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLessons: Introduction
  2. Lesson 1: Laying the ITIL Groundwork
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 1.1 ITIL: Overview and History
    3. 1.2 ITIL Certifications and the Foundation Exam
    4. 1.3 Service Management as a Practice
    5. 1.4 All About Processes
    6. 1.5 Roles: Who Does What
    7. 1.6 The Service Lifecycle
    8. 1.7 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 1
  3. Lesson 2: Service Strategy
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 2.1 Service Strategy Overview and Basics
    3. 2.2 Value, Value, Value
    4. 2.3 Patterns of Business Activity
    5. 2.4 Service Portfolio Management
    6. 2.5 Financial Management for IT Services
    7. 2.6 Business Relationship Management
    8. 2.7 Service Strategy Deliverables
    9. 2.8 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 2
  4. Lesson 3: Service Design
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 3.1 Service Design Overview
    3. 3.2 Five Aspects and Four Ps
    4. 3.3 Service Catalogue Management
    5. 3.4 Service Level Management, Part 1
    6. 3.5 Service Level Management, Part 2
    7. 3.6 Capacity Management
    8. 3.7 Availability Management
    9. 3.8 IT Service Continuity Management
    10. 3.9 Information Security Management
    11. 3.10 Supplier Management
    12. 3.11 Design Coordination
    13. 3.12 Service Design Deliverables
    14. 3.13 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 3
  5. Lesson 4: Service Transition
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 4.1 Service Transition Overview
    3. 4.2 Service Asset and Configuration Management, Part 1
    4. 4.3 Service Asset and Configuration Management, Part 2
    5. 4.4 Change Management, Part 1
    6. 4.5 Change Management, Part 2
    7. 4.6 Release and Deployment Management
    8. 4.7 Knowledge Management
    9. 4.8 Transition Planning and Support
    10. 4.9 Service Transition Deliverables
    11. 4.10 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 4
  6. Lesson 5: Service Operation
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 5.1 Service Operation Overview
    3. 5.2 ITIL’s Four Functions
    4. 5.3 Event Management
    5. 5.4 Incident Management, Part 1
    6. 5.5 Incident Management, Part 2
    7. 5.6 Request Fulfillment
    8. 5.7 Problem Management, Part 1
    9. 5.8 Problem Management, Part 2
    10. 5.9 Access Management
    11. 5.10 Service Operation Deliverables
    12. 5.11 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 5
  7. Lesson 6: Continual Service Improvement
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 6.1 Continual Service Improvement Overview
    3. 6.2 The Deming Cycle
    4. 6.3 The CSI Approach
    5. 6.4 7-Step Improvement Process
    6. 6.5 CSI Metrics and Measurement
    7. 6.6 CSI Interfaces and Roles
    8. 6.7 CSI Deliverables
    9. 6.8 Sample Questions Based on Lesson 6
  8. Summary
    1. ITIL Foundation Exam LiveLessons: Summary

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  • Title: ITIL® Foundation Exam
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134217543